Tia – 03/22/2005

Tia is doing very well. She has made herself right at home. We noticed a small abscess on her belly, but we took her to the vet and got it taken care of. She has a lot of love to give and wants to please whoever she is around. She gets lots of attention and gets a bit excited when Bonnie comes home at 7:00 pm. Try telling a dog no running in the house when they are overly excited. She is actually sleeping in front of the tv right now. She behaves well in the house (except for the above mentioned episode). She is such a good dog. We are glad we chose her. Had a funny thing happen last week when Bonnie went to put her outside to go to bed. She jumped up on the bed, put her head on the pillow and was ready for bed. Just like she belonged there. She gives lots of kisses and receives lots of hugs and kisses.  She is well trained and knows “no” when she is told no. We can’t say enough things about her. We love this dog. We hope she knows she is here to stay.