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Washington Alaskan Malamute Adoption League
1108 W. 2nd Ave, PMB #243
Spokane, WA 99201

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(425) 610-6257

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Board of Directors

Rickie Anderson  –  Fundraising, Promotions, Events and Social Media Coordinator | Adoption Team
Janet Blume – Board Member | Adoption Team

Kelcy Charlson  –  Adoption Coordinator | Adoption Team
Beth Hinz
 –  Adoption Coordinator | Adoption Team
Julie McCallum-Allen
 –  Kennel Liaison | Adoption Team | Volunteer Coordinator
Cynthia Neely
 –  President
Hal Negin
 –  Shelter Coordinator | Donor Relations
Mary Orvik
 –  Secretary-Treasurer | East-side Fundraising Team Lead | East-side Point of Contact
Brie Pirkle
 –  Home Visit Coordinator | Adoption Team
Kristi Tabert
 –  Vice President | Animal Surrender Coordinator
Heidi Van Zee
 –  Foster Home Visit Coordinator | Adopter First Response  | Adoption Team
Matt Vieira
 –  Foster Coordinator | Adoption Team

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