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Washington Alaskan Malamute Adoption League (WAMAL) was formed in 1998 by Cindy Neely to help with Malamute Rescue in Washington State and since then has expanded into Oregon.  WAMAL rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes Malamutes (or Mal-enough-a-mutes!) who, through no fault of their own, find themselves without a home or in need of a new home.

Serving the greater Northwest we are also part of a national rescue network, AMAL, that covers other areas of the US. WAMAL provides hope to families that must rehome their malamutes when life has taken a sharp detour; training support to those families desperately working to keep their 4-legged family members; works with shelters and takes into rescue strays and those pups needing an extra level of thoroughness in the adoption process; and, actively recruits adopters and foster homes.

We are a 100% volunteer run, 501c.3 non-profit organization that is celebrating over 20 years!  Our volunteers come from all walks of life and locations and WAMAL is only able to do what we do because of this generous and dedicated team of volunteers.  They truly make it possible to save the lives of this gentle, stubborn, and loving working breed. WAMAL has rescued many hundreds of malamutes to date and each holds a place in our hearts.

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REGGIE is ready to spend his retirement years by your side!  This lead sled dog has so many stories to share with you from his glory days and he would be happy to do so while you are enjoying a walk or spending some down time together.  Reggie is a very friendly mal that likes spending time with people and other dogs.  He is described as laid back, mellow, and sweet with people.  This smart boy knows 'sit', 'down', and 'stay'.  Reggie rides well crated in the car so you can load him right up and take him home where he can snooze in the living room dreaming of his sledding days!  
REMUS wants you to come meet him today!  This good boy is described as very friendly and was a shelter favorite before joining WAMAL.     He is active and can't wait to join his new family for hikes and playtime in the yard and hopefully in the snow!  He takes treats gently and loves to be out and about exploring.  Remus greets all new people and welcomes all the pets and love.
NIKO has such a striking mask and is described as happy, having good energy, and loves attention!  Sounds practically perfect in every way, especially when paired with his lower exercise needs, enjoying short strolls.  He is also a smart boy and knows the commands of 'sit', 'shake', and 'lie down' while also taking treats gently and being house trained.  He does well in almost every situation - including being a model patient when he has to visit the vet!  He likes other dogs and would welcome having another companion in his new home that is of similar energy.  Niko is the sweetest tri-pawed boy around and can't wait to hang out with you!
Sora is a big girl with a big personality to match!  Don't let her size fool you - this girl is an athlete and is agile and full of energy.  She also embodies some of those typical malamute characteristics of being very strong, protective of her food, and is a hunter!  Sora needs a new home where she will be kept away from anything small and furry or feathered.  She really wants a home where she will be your one and only!  Other than those challenges, Sora is a total lovebug and just wants attention and affection.  An awesome way for her to get attention in her new home is to work on leash skills and commands.  This is also a great way to keep this smart girl learning and exercising.  She likes her car rides and can't wait to join you on some outdoor adventures!  When Sora met our volunteer she immediately laid on her back to get the tummy rubs and would love to show you that trick!  She really wants to meet woooooo!!! &nbs...read more about SORA
KANGA  is ~4 year old, 85 pound malamute. He thrives on adventure and would love an active adopter who will take him on adventures and give him plenty of play time! Kanga is a loyal guy and will be a great companion for someone. He also LOVES the snow! His number one favorite activity (even more than walks and treats!) is going for car rides! He loves feeling the wind in his face through an open window (car surfing). Kanga is incredibly observant and curious.   Kanga’s comfort with people has grown significantly while in rescue. He does need a little time to build trust, but eventually he will follow you around and give you kisses! He is also quite affectionate and loyal to those he bonds with.   Kanga has excellent house manners and is happy to chill on his bed or lay beside you as you work. He has basic training and knows: sit, down, come, get it, stay, and release and is ready for the next level of training. He is very treat motivated and respond...read more about KANGA
SPIKE will do anything with and for you as long as he trusts you! Spike knows basic commands, walks nicely, and will let you brush anywhere. Timid at first, he will lean in for pets and will woo, leap, and twirl when he’s excited. He is very smart and extremely food motivated, so you can teach him pretty much anything. We have been working on ‘sit’ and ‘wait’ to teach him not to push through the door since he doesn’t like to be left behind. Spike will play fetch with you, bringing the toy right to your hands sometimes. His favorite past time is sleeping and gnawing on bones. There have been a couple of times that he has guarded a bone (it was a rawhide that had broken off) and a rat that he had caught, but I never worried that he would bite me. He will warn you if he is not comfortable with you getting too close or guarding something (only twice in the time he has been with us), so you have to be able to read h...read more about SPIKE
KAIN Wanted: Super cushy bed!  It would be great if the bed came with the accessories of a loving family and a calm environment too!  Kain is a senior mal that has unfortunately experienced some major changes in his home that makes it best for him to find a new place for his retirement years.  Kain is a very good boy; however, he does need someone who is patient and understands he doesn't like being startled (I mean who does?)  The best home for him will be with adults and may do well with another dog of similar energy levels with proper introductions.  He walks well on leash, which will be good to help him lose a little extra (ahem) fluff.  He is very smart and knows a number of commands.  He can be a little excitable, so may need to be reminded of those commands on occasion.  True to his breed, he has a strong prey drive so no small critters.  Kain is ready to join his new family with some walks, hangin...read more about KAIN
DIAMOND wants to live up to her name and be a girl's best friend!  This young mal mix has been bounced around quite a bit already and is craving the security of knowing she has a forever family and home.  She is cared for in her current home; however health issues of her owner require her to need a new soft spot to land.  She would do best with a female owner, though  does also warm up to males in time.  Right now strangers and being left alone are, understandably, a little scary for her; however, you can tell she really wants to get to know people and bond.  She took treats gently from our volunteer and sat prettily for them and followed the command of 'down' as well.  We have also been told she knows 'sit', 'lay', 'down', 'paw', and 'speak' so training with additional commands will be a fun activity with her new family to bond!  While Diamond does have a couple challenges to work through,...read more about DIAMOND
GOOSE is a stunning chestnut colored young Mal mix that has a great personality, both mellow but also showing an energetic side, he enjoys playing and loves going on walks and outdoor adventures!  He knows the command of 'sit' and is ready to learn more, especially if treats are involved! He’s been learning his leash skills quickly and has done well with car rides that he’s been on. He loves interacting with people and will engage you with his friendly, happy-go-lucky personality. He also gets along well with other dogs and would love to find a furever home with a canine companion! Don’t hesitate to fill out an adoption form today for this sweet boy!
MAVERICK is a handsome young gent ready for a home where he can satisfy his curiosity by exploring and joining you on adventures! Just like his movie star namesake, he is ready to land into his furever home and be your Top Gun! While he can be initially shy at first, this friendly boy loves attention and meeting new people. He is a nice mix of a laid back personality, but also enjoys playing and going on walks. He does well on leash, has learned the command of 'sit' and is ready to learn more - treats will be a great motivator! He’s also been an awesome co-pilot on the car rides that he has been on. Maverick has done well with other dogs and may enjoy another compatible canine buddy in his new home. He can’t wait to steal your heart and land into his furever home!  
ZOEY is a sweet Malamute mix that is affectionate and enjoys attention and pets! She gets excited meeting new people and will greet you with some “woo’s” to let you know that she is thrilled to see you!  She has a bit of weight to lose but is well on her way to a healthier weight with our kennel volunteers taking her on regular outings. A continued exercise routine will be of benefit to her. She is energetic and enjoys walks and trail hikes, which she would love to do with her new family! She also rides well in the car which will make it a breeze to bring her along on those outdoor adventures she loves! She has done great with other dogs and may enjoy a companion in her new home, or be fine as your one and only. Zoey is a fantastic girl that can't wait to settle into her furever home!  
Ziuku is a lovely lady that is looking for a soft place to land.  Through no fault of her own she has been bounced around from home to home and often left outdoors.  She deserves to have a home of her very own where she can be with her furever family.  That should be pretty easy as she loves people and is described as super sweet.  What more could you want?  How about kisses because she gives those!  Ziuku - like many of us over this past year - has a few pounds she needs to lose, so walks and hikes will be a great way to lose the weight and bond with her new family.  She knows 'sit' and 'stay' and does pretty well on leash with a bit of pulling.  She is a malamute so will need secure fencing to keep her safe and does have that malamute prey drive so definitely no small critters.  Ziuku excitedly greets new people and is hoping she has the opportunity to greet her new family soon! 
MALIKA is a bouncing ball of joy!  This floofy lady joined WAMAL from one of our amazing shelter partners after she proved to be just too much dog for her previous family.  It is clear she was well cared for and loved - she just needs a malamute savvy home that is able to channel her energy into appropriate outlets.  She immediately greets people in a friendly manner with a wagging tail and then proceeds to jump up in her excitement...and then jumps some more.  She is not trained and is like a puppy with constantly biting on her leash, so needs a strong leader to help guide her into becoming a good canine citizen.  We also think she will do well in a home with another dog of similar energy level as she had a lot of positive dog interactions while in the shelter and even had a play buddy there.  Malika is adventure ready and will make a great jogging partner and hiker.  That along with learning commands will keep both her physical and mental ...read more about MALIKA
ZIPPO is one of a trio that was surrendered to WAMAL due to the family having to move to an apt. He is an easy going gentle giant that listens well to commands.  He enjoys the company of other dogs and especially loves to be with his humans.  He has become an office dog with his Foster Dad until he finds a new home for his aging 10 year old body. Zippo has a super sweet and friendly personality. He is curious about the world around him, is vocal and will say, “I love you!”...or would that be...“I love Woo” in Mal speak? He likes tug of war rope toys, and is well versed in many commands including ‘sit’ and ‘stay.’
FLINT is one of a trio that was surrendered to WAMAL due to the family having to move to an apt. He is an easy going gentle giant that listens well to commands.  He enjoys the company of other dogs and especially loves to be with his humans.  Flint is currently sharing his foster home with a female husky and happy to be part of a home again.  Flint has a beautiful red colored coat. He is very attentive, friendly and has a gentle demeanor. His loveable personality is evident  when he will offer to cuddle with you if you lay on the floor and say “cuddle me.” He is still quite active for a senior and loves to run around exploring and playing!
We can't believe LOGAN is in need of a new home!  Joining WAMAL from one of our partner shelters, he was picked up as a stray and sadly may have been dumped.  Other than needing to gain some weight, you would never know this pup had a rough start!  He is a super cuddler and will climb right up to sit in your lap.  Logan loves people and being pet is his favorite thing!  He also loves food, and after spending time without food he understandably will take the opportunity to counter surf.  Logan is a mal/husky mix with stunning blue eyes and the size of a mal.  Typical of both breeds he will need a secure yard to explore and enjoy safely and has a typical prey drive.  Logan would love to join his new family on adventures and rides like a dream in the car.  He will need some work on walking on leash as he likes to zig zag and is ready to go!  We are learning more about him and think he may like having a canine companion in his ne...read more about LOGAN
Oh PALADIN what big ears you have!  And of course  Paladin 's response is 'all the better to hear you with'.  And turns out that is true as this smart malamute/shepherd mix pup already listens to commands including 'sit', 'stay', 'shake', 'gentle', and 'down'!  In fact, his previous owners worked hard to set him up for success and in addition to commands trained him to walk well on leash, crate trained him, and he is almost completely housetrained (he is still a puppy so there is occasional use of the puppy pad).   Paladin  also makes a great car passenger so will love to join you on adventures - though fair warning, unless there is a gate he will try to ride in your lap!  He likes meeting new dogs and has spent time at the dog park and at doggie daycare meeting and interacting with new furry friends.   Paladin  would likely do well with another dog friend in his ...read more about PALADIN
Look into my beWOOOOOtiful blue eyes and you will be sure to fall in love!  ERNESTO is a handsome wooly malamute/husky mix that is ready for some snow adventures with his new family!  He is also ready to warm your feet! He comes to WAMAL from one of our shelter partners and has quickly endeared himself to everyone he meets - eager to be petted and will even give you a kiss!  One of his best traits is that Ernesto is a leaner, leaning into people for love and pets - what a cutie!  He is also a polite gentleman and while he loves attention he is polite and did not jump up on our volunteer.  This gentle guy can't wait to be in his furever home for the holidays!
MIDAS is an adorable redhead that is ready to join you on your snow adventures!  He combines the best of both the malamute and husky breeds loving people and exercise and is a very smart boy!  Midas quickly engaged with our volunteer that visited him in the shelter and leaned in for massages and pets.  He did great on their walk and he followed commands readily.  He has done well with other dogs and may enjoy another canine companion in his new home.  Midas can't wait to serenade you with his woos!    
MRS CLAUS Don't let her name fool you - Mrs. Claus is a young lady in search of her furever home!  As a young mal, she is energetic and can't wait to join you on your outdoor adventures then hang out with you and chill.  True to her namesake, Mrs. Claus is very loving and enjoys attention and affection from people.  This exuberant lady is a smart cookie and can't wait to learn new commands and tricks.  She is beautiful inside and out.  Now that Christmas has wrapped up, Mrs. Claus is ready for her gift of the perfect family and home!      
ROO may be the malamute for WOO!!!  This happy go lucky pup has an indomitable spirit and is described as a social butterfly!  He is easygoing when meeting new people and also did well with other dogs at the shelter.  While he had to have a short shave recently, his fur is growing back in soft and fluffy!  He, not surprisingly, quickly became a favorite of his shelter caretakers and received lots of attention.  When he met with our WAMAL volunteer they enjoyed a nice walk where he checked the 'p-mail' and explored.  Roo is a good boy that is ready for a home of his very own!  
Check out OREO and I am sure you will agree - he is one cute cookie!  He is also a smart cookie and already knows commands including 'sit', 'down', 'paw', and 'stay'.  He will even give you a kiss if you point to your cheek!  Oreo is good on leash with minimal pulling and will enjoy jaunts around the neighborhood and hiking with you.  This curious boy really enjoys exploring but his favorite thing spending time with people.  He can't wait to have a family of his very own!
BULLET is ready to shoot straight into the heart of your home!  This love bug enjoys being pet and is best described as very sweet, happy, and attentive.  He is  smart and already knows 'sit', 'kennel up', and 'back' along with coming when called.  He will enjoy learning even more commands in his new home and is treat motivated, which should help make that even easier.  Bullet walks well on leash and rides well in the car so will be a great buddy to join you on your adventures.  He also likes to play with rope toys and lasers - how cute is that?!  Bullet does well with other dogs and wouldn't mind having another canine companion in his home to hang out and play with.  Bullet is an eye-catching boy with a beautiful coat and mask.  Come check him out and see if he may be the one!  
REMY is an adorable young malamute that loves attention!  This sweet boy knows his basic commands and would enjoy learning even more in his new home.  (He is also treat motivated, which will help with training too!)  Remy would make a great companion, joining you on walks, hikes, and runs.  He also likes to play with rope toys and lasers.  He has lived with other dogs and would likely enjoy another canine companion in his new home or be your one and only!  Remy is a lovable guy that can't wait to meet you!
  KONA (Courtesy Listing)
COURTESY LISTING Kona is a sweet, gentle and loving Malamute mix, he is around 5-6years old and weighs 80lbs. He is ready to find his forever home!  Kona is a well-mannered and sweet dog who is happy to just be where his people are. Kona can be more shy at first and takes a little bit of time warming up to new people and feeling comfortable in new situations. Once he knows you, he is so loving and sweet as can be! He enjoys walks and walks well on leash. He does get a little more confidence, he should start to settle in the home. He would love to live in a quiet area with a fenced yard for him to lounge and roam. He should be fine with another dog in the home. He's more independent and may not want to actively engage in play. He is not tested with cats. Kids over 8. Kona is active and would love a home where he can get daily walks or have a fenced yard to roam and lounge. If you're active and like company, he's the dog for you. Kona is neutered, up to da...read more about KONA (Courtesy Listing)
  MAX (Courtesy Listing)
Courtesy Listing My name is Max! Max is a 7-year-old Alaskan Malamute/German Shepard/Lab mix. Max has bounced around a couple of homes due to some behavioral issues but with the right family that is dedicated to him and his training, he is a wonderful dog! Max will resource guard and is protective over his food, toys, and his person. His previous family claims he began this behavior after getting attacked at the dog park at the age of 2. The majority of the time he is a great dog with no issues, but he will need a family that is experienced and can work with him in the areas he has some issues. He is up to date on all shots, neutered, potty trained, crate trained, and walks well on leash unless he sees a bunny, squirrel, or another dog. Since Max can be protective of his person, Max needs a single owner home or a home with two very experienced and committed owners as he will likely end up bonding with and being protective of one of the owners. We will not place him in a hom...read more about MAX (Courtesy Listing)
  THOR (Courtesy Listing)
*COURTESY LISTING** Hello, my name is THOR! I am an 8 year old, 75 pound Malamute/Husky mix that is seeking my furever home! I have been described as the most handsome, sweetest boy!  I arrived as a neglected stray, who was covered in mats and had a nasty ear infection. The kind shelter staff started medical treatment right away while waiting for my owner to reclaim me. Sadly, they never located my owner but I am in good hands at Homeward Bound Pets and feeling so much better after all of those mats were removed!!! Once I realized I could move without pain, I began running and rolling in the field, snorting, rubbing my back, kicking grass up, and well - just having a great time!! I am surrounded by love, a large field and pool to play in during these hot summer days. I have been told I am amazing and so loving, and I would have to agree. I love to play, getting treats (yum!), and I just want to be with my people. After I arrived, the shelter found out that I lived ...read more about THOR (Courtesy Listing)
  BALTO (Courtesy Listing)
COURTESY LISTING If you would like to learn more about Balto please contact  Forever Home Dog Rescue fhdrwa@gmail.com My name is Balto ! My Story Balto is a sweet, playful and loving 2 year old, Malamute/Shepherd mix who is looking for his forever home! Balto is super friendly and happy and loves to play around outside with his people! He is a leaner and loves pets and attention too. Balto walks well on leash but can get excited and pull at times. He is large, around 75-80lbs and will needs owners who can handle his size and strength. Balto does good with other dogs and came from a home where he lived with two other large dogs. No cats or small animals for him. He would do well with another large laid back dog in the home. And he would make a great adventure buddy! Balto is UTD on shots, neutered and microchipped. His adoption fee is $500. Lovingly cared for by Forever Home Dog Rescue   Web Link to Balto:   https://ado...read more about BALTO (Courtesy Listing)
  PREACHER (Courtesy Listing)
Courtesy Post My name is Preacher! My Story Preacher is a 2-year-old Malamute mix. He weighs in around 85lbs and is ready for his Forever home! Preacher aka 'Preach' loves to play with other dogs, run/lounge in the yard, snuggle and go for 2 - 3 mile walks. Preacher loves to go to work with his foster mom in the Seattle/Bellevue area 4 days a week and does great in an office environment and meeting new dogs and people. He sleeps most of the day and when not sleeping, will play quietly with his toys. Preacher is a leaner and loves attention but also appreciates his quiet moments lounging in the yard. Preacher walks well on leash but is very strong and may pull when he sees a squirrel. Preacher is potty trained but struggles in confined spaces therefore he is not kennel trained. No cats. Preacher is neutered, UTD on his shots and micro-chipped. His adoption fee is $500. Lovingly cared for by Forever Home Dog Rescue   Web Link to Preacher: &nb...read more about PREACHER (Courtesy Listing)
  NIKO (Courtesy Listing)
COURTESY LISTING If you would like to learn more about Niko please contact  Forever Home Dog Rescue fhdrwa@gmail.com My name is Niko ! My Story Say hi to Niko! This sweet Alaskan Malamute has had a rough past and is ready to move forward with his loving forever home. Niko is around 3 years old and currently weighs around 50lbs, but is very underweight and is working on getting to a healthy weight. Niko was a stray dog in Mexico, which is a tough place for a Malamute to be a stray! He recently joined us and is now looking for his forever home. Niko is an awesome dog but does have some issues that will require the right home, training and experience. Niko is currently in a foster home with 4 other dogs. He has started to show resource guarding (with food, toys, etc), which is no surprise as he is used to competing for his food and resources as a stray. So he is currently being kept separate, and having supervised increments of socialization with the dogs on ...read more about NIKO (Courtesy Listing)
  ANDERSON (Courtesy Listing)
COURTESY LISTING If you would like to learn more about Anderson please contact nwsnowdogrescue@aol.com Bio - to be added. IMPORTANT - Please Note:  Anderson is being listed as a courtesy. WAMAL has not evaluated this dog in person and any information we have listed here is information provided by the current rescue. WAMAL cannot guarantee this information or take responsibility for any inaccurate information posted in this listing.
  ORLA (Courtesy Listing)
COURTESY LISTING If you would like to learn more about O RL A  please contact her owner Teresa at: todosnosotros1690@gmail.com Orla is a 9 month old Husky/Malamute cross. She is spayed, micro-chipped and all shots are current. She is playful and affectionate with people but has a high prey drive, and will run off if given the opportunity. She needs a home with a fenced area and someone with the time and inclination to continue her training. She is probably good with kids although she has not been around any so far. She would love to have another dog to play with, and will need daily exercise and a space where she can safely run. IMPORTANT - Please Note:  ORLA is being listed as a courtesy. WAMAL has not evaluated this dog in person and any information we have listed here is information provided by the current rescue. WAMAL cannot guarantee this information or take responsibility for any inaccurate information posted in this listing.
  FALKOR (Courtesy Listing)
COURTESY LISTING If you would like to learn more about Falkor please contact Forever Home Dog Rescue fhdrwa@gmail.com  Falkor is 7 years old. A Malamute/Mastiff weighing in around 100 lbs. He is a super sweet and energetic dog. He loves cuddles, pets, and car rides. Falkor came to us from Oregon. His prior family did have the room in their present home as they had other dogs. He has lived with other big dogs as well.   Falkor should not be near livestock due to prey drive. Falkor is looking for a home with a fully fenced yard to run, play and lounge in the sun. He could be okay in an apartment or townhome with a family that could give him the proper exercise. Due to his size and strength, he should be in an adult only home or a home with older kids. He is good with other dogs but should be homed as an only dog or a dog with similar size.   Due to Falkor's strength and size, his family should have large br...read more about FALKOR (Courtesy Listing)
  KING CAIRO (Courtesy Listing)
COURTESY LISTING If you would like to learn more about King Cairo please contact Yucaipa Animal Placement Society in Yucaipa, California at info@yaps.org King Cairo is a wonderful malamute in search of his new castle and some loyal subjects to call his very own!  This young adult has beautiful eyes and literally the cutest ears ever!  King Cairo will thrive in a home where he can join you on your outdoor adventures and then hang out on the couch with you and chill.  If you are ready to welcome his royal fluffiness into your home, please get in touch with the Yucaipa Animal Placement Society today! IMPORTANT - Please Note:  King Cairo is being listed as a courtesy. WAMAL has not evaluated this dog in person and any information we have listed here is information provided by the current rescue. WAMAL cannot guarantee this information or take responsibility for any inaccurate information posted in this listing.
  BUBBA (Adoption Pending)
***Adoption Pending*** BUBBA is a big boy that is ready to fill up your home and heart!  Sadly, Bubba's previous owner abandoned him - though at least he was left at a wonderful boarding facility where he was loved and cared for while working through the legal process of having ownership officially transferred.  The kennel owners were then able to contact WAMAL to have us help find him a new furever home and even gave him a groom before he joined us.  The kennel owners described him as fun to be around!  Typical of his breed he is a bit of a puller on leash; however, that is easily remedied by taking him on lots of adventures and training, which will work well for him since he enjoys exploring his surroundings and is a great car passenger!  He is very food and treat-oriented and he is ready to impress with his range of tricks and commands including 'sit', 'give paw' (left AND right), and does pretty well wit...read more about BUBBA (Adoption Pending)
  OSO (Adoption Pending)
***Adoption Pending*** OSO is oh so cute!!  And he has the personality to match as he is described as kind, loving, and overall just a sweetheart!  Oso enjoys spending time with other dogs and would enjoy having another dog in his new home or the opportunity to run and play with other dogs.  As an active mal, playing with other dogs or going on walks and hikes will be his favorite part of the day (followed with some evening cuddles of course!).  He is a wonderful family dog who has been set-up for success in his furever home.  He is a gentleman in the house and can be left unattended and uncrated.  Oso would love to meet you!
  PATRIOT (Adoption Pending)
***Adoption Pending*** PATRIOT is a true blue friend and companion!  This young malamute mix is eager to please and loves people!  We don't know Patriot's earliest history as he came to a shelter as a stray; however, we expect those early days were filled with love as he is a very good boy!  He is pretty unflappable as he did very well in the busy shelter environment and was a volunteer favorite due to his sweet personality.  He walks well on leash and will be a great adventure buddy and also a lounge on the couch buddy!  Patriot is an amazing pup and will make a lucky family very happy!