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Welcome to WAMAL

Washington Alaskan Malamute Adoption League (WAMAL) was formed in 1998 by Cindy Neely to help with Malamute Rescue in Washington State and since then has expanded into Oregon.  WAMAL rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes Malamutes (or Mal-enough-a-mutes!) who, through no fault of their own, find themselves without a home or in need of a new home.

Serving the greater Northwest we are also part of a national rescue network, AMAL, that covers other areas of the US. WAMAL provides hope to families that must rehome their malamutes when life has taken a sharp detour; training support to those families desperately working to keep their 4-legged family members; works with shelters and takes into rescue strays and those pups needing an extra level of thoroughness in the adoption process; and, actively recruits adopters and foster homes.

We are a 100% volunteer run, 501c.3 non-profit organization that is celebrating over 20 years!  Our volunteers come from all walks of life and locations and WAMAL is only able to do what we do because of this generous and dedicated team of volunteers.  They truly make it possible to save the lives of this gentle, stubborn, and loving working breed. WAMAL has rescued many hundreds of malamutes to date and each holds a place in our hearts.

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BEAR is just about the cutest fluff on three legs!  This tripaw is looking for a home where he can hang out with his people and get loves.  Bear doesn't really understand what a stranger is because he is sure everyone wants to say hi and be his friend!  After spending time out and about saying hi to his admirers, Bear would wrap up his day with a snooze.  This smart boy is house trained, rides well in the car (roadtrip!), knows his basic commands.  He would love to show off his commands, especially if peanut butter or sweet potato treats are involved, which he will take gently!  In Bear's foster home, his most endearing quality is that he will wish you a goodnight by hanging out for a few minutes before he would go to his own bed and dream of peanut butter snacks! 
REMUS is a sweet and friendly senior Malamute that is ready to join his furever home! He likes being out exploring, but has some hip issues so short walks are his preference. In addition to that, he enjoys some playtime! He takes treats gently, is leash trained and loves a cozy dog bed. He would like a yard to lay about and relax in, and play with his toys. He gets along with other mellow dogs of similar energy level, or would be fine being your one and only. Remus can't wait to welcome all of the love and pets that await him from his forever family!
KANGA  is ~4 year old, 85 pound malamute. He thrives on adventure and would love an active adopter who will take him on adventures and give him plenty of play time! Kanga is a loyal guy and will be a great companion for someone. He also LOVES the snow! His number one favorite activity (even more than walks and treats!) is going for car rides! He loves feeling the wind in his face through an open window (car surfing). Kanga is incredibly observant and curious.   Kanga’s comfort with people has grown significantly while in rescue. He does need a little time to build trust, but eventually he will follow you around and give you kisses! He is also quite affectionate and loyal to those he bonds with.   Kanga has excellent house manners and is happy to chill on his bed or lay beside you as you work. He has basic training and knows: sit, down, come, get it, stay, and release and is ready for the next level of training. He is very treat moti...read more about KANGA
DIAMOND truly sparkles and will be the gem of her new pack!  She is ready to play, play, play with her canine companions and is just a joy to watch.  Toys are also super fun and she will bring a toy over to one of her packmates to engage in play - so cute!  While she enjoys a few rounds of wrestlemania (and kind of has a great wrestler name!), she also knows how to relax and chill out with her pack.  She thinks couches are just the best and will happily sit next to you for movie night.  She loves to spend time with her people and movie night is a perfect time for her to nudge your hand to get pets and attention.  (And she is such a good girl she will even happily share your snacks, and takes treats very gently!)  Along with being a good girl, Diamond is also a smart girl and knows a lot of commands including 'sit', 'lay down', 'paw', and 'speak', is house trained, and does well in the car.  Diamond shines brig...read more about DIAMOND
WILLOW is a beautiful malamute that is looking for a home familiar with malamutes and their unique characteristics!  Super smart, she is house trained, does well in the car, and knows a bunch of commands including 'sit', 'stay', 'down', 'paw', and 'no'.  Typical of the breed she does not prefer being told 'no' (we feel you Willow!) and will woo at you to let you know it.  Also typical of the breed she is picky about other dogs and is not interested in sharing her new home with them.  She needs more exercise than she has been getting recently and needs to lose some weight; so working on leash skills and going on adventures will be a priority for her new family.  As smart as she is, we expect she will pick up those skills quickly!  Another fun exercise activity for her is running around the yard playing with her stuffed toys.  When our evaluator met Willow she immediately rolled over for belly rubs and can...read more about WILLOW
ZOEY is a lovable Malamute mix that is affectionate and enjoys attention and pets! She enjoys meeting new people and will greet you with some “woo’s” to let you know that she is thrilled to see you! Zoey is athletic and likes going on walks and trail hikes, which she would love to do with her new family!  She walks well on and off the leash, easily returning to you when called. She rides well in the car which will make it easy to bring her along on those outdoor adventures! She is very intelligent, completing those hide the food games in seconds! She is looking for a new challenge. She is friendly with other dogs of all sizes.  If she is not interested in another dog she will just walk away with a "talk to the butt" attitude.  She may enjoy a companion, or would be fine as your one and only.  Zoey is a fantastic girl that would love to settle into her furever home!
  GRETEL (Adoption Pending)
***Adoption Pending*** Looking for Smart, Sweet & Silent??? My name is GRETEL. I'm a very good girl; a gentle giant if you will and I want to be with my people.  I am shy when I first meet new people, but do not let that fool you, once I get used to you I am eager to hang out with you. I am full of energy and thrilled to have regular walks, hikes or play times with other dogs.  Once I am ready to settle down there is nothing I like best than some good cuddles. I want to contribute to being an important member of the family. I have been described as an AMAZING dog!
MIDAS enjoys runs, hikes and views while joining you on your adventures! He recently attended the Bark at the Park event where everyone loved his friendly personality.   He is a 4 year old adorable redhead Malamute and Husky mix.  A bigger boy at 93 pounds, which is a great size to hug and cuddle.  This smart boy rides well in the car. Can you say road trip?  He does great on leash while on walks and hikes, and will readily follow commands.  He would do best in a home that will provide him with plenty of exercise and attention.  Watch the video to hear him say he is ready for his furever home.  Then come meet Midas who is ready to join your family!
SUGARPLUM is a young malamute mix as sweet as her name implies.  This lovely lady came to us from one of our shelter partners and has been with one of our fosters learning basic commands. Being snuggled and hanging out with people are two of her favorite things. Sugarplum takes treats gently (and really likes them!), so training will be fun for everyone!  Sugarplum walks pretty well on leash so will be ready for walks and hikes with her new family. While walking she prefers to sniff all the bushes and make sure they meet her approval.  After her hike she will be ready to sneak up on the couch with you to chill.  She is cautious around other dogs. She is very affectioniate and wants to be the center of your attention.  Therefore, she may do best as your one and only pup.   If you think  sweet Sugarplum is the girl for you, please contact us.
MAYA is a gorgeous, happy girl who radiates affection and enthusiasm despite a rough first year of life. She adores walks—either heeling or on a loose leash, because she’s been trained not to pull even though, like all malamutes, she’d love to—and will “woooo” her head off to greet you. She can also show off skills like “sit,” “stay,” “come,” and “down.” Maya thrills to car rides, especially if, from the back seat, she can rest her chin on your shoulder, and she loves chasing balls or playing tug-o-war. She really wants a home where she will be Only Pet! Maya’s puppyhood marked her with an intense reaction to other dogs, which can look and sound like aggression even though her tail never stops wagging. A carefully-monitored dosage of doggy Prozac has helped make her much more comfortable with being left alone, and she has shown herself willing to walk calmy with another calm dog. While she continu...read more about MAYA
AURORA Like her storybook counterpart, Princess Aurora is waiting for her perfect match to come rescue her!  Fortunately there are no dragons or briars in the way, so you can come and meet this sweet girl and fall for her!  (And at 110 pounds there is a lot of fluff to love!)  Aurora is friendly and will lean right on in for attention and petting.  People are her favs!  As a princess, she does enjoy the finer things in life - like hotdogs and cheese - and will be fun to train with these jackpot treats!  She is described as being easygoing, walking well on leash, and smart.  Jaunts around the neighborhood and hiking will be a great way for her to spend time and be admired by her loyal subjects.  When resting indoors she enjoys her crate and will hang out in it any time. She is going to make a very lucky family an amazing companion!     
TANK is an adorable young malamute that loves attention! Tank also loves to give lots kisses and loves to play. This sweet boy knows his basic commands and would enjoy learning even more in his new home. Tank is treat motivated so he is ready to learn! Tank would love to join you on your next adventure, hike, or just a walk around the block. Tank is a young friendly pup that is excited to join your pack!
Lady LUCKY is hoping she will win the jackpot and find her furever home with you!  A volunteer at one of our amazing partner shelters had this to say about her: "She's a big, beautiful girl, and so fun playing with her and laughing at her zoomies in the yard."  In her new home she would love a backyard to continue her zoomies and toss her toys around.  Funny girl!  In addition to playing in the yard, she thinks walks and hikes are super ways to spend time together with her people and get some exercise.  It is reported she rides well in the car and is good on leash, so she is ready to join you on a hike today, then head home to hang out and show you her good house manners!  She knows the command of 'sit' for a treat, though she has a hard time not getting the wiggles because she is so excited (adorable!) and is just one example of how much joy and excitement she has for being around her people (and getting delicious snackies!...read more about LUCKY
ZEUS is fairly certain he is the god of everything - except maybe thunder since most of his friends don't like that so much!  When meeting Zeus he was described by our amazing volunteer as a bouncy bundle of happy energy and we can't think of what more anyone could want in a malamute!  This young guy is a play machine and can't wait to join you on your adventures and then curl up by you to hang out at home!  Chasing balls is one of his favorite things.  Zeus is a smart boy and knows a number of commands already, is house trained, and makes a great car passenger.      Be sure to submit your application fast so Zeus can come greet you with tail wagging and a paw to shake!
YETI Instead of the Abominable Snowman, this Yeti is an Indomitable Snowman!  This good boy's spirit is impossible to subdue.  Despite facing challenges he has overcome each and every one with a big 'ol doggy grin!  Under the care of his amazing shelter team, he is flourishing and his baby blue eyes are more sparkly than they have probably ever been.  He quickly established himself as a favorite due to his friendliness and laid back attitude - everyone loves him! And Yeti loves everyone and getting attention in return.  Yeti is good on leash, knows sit, and just likes to chill and watch the goings on around him.  He has done well with other dogs at the shelter so may enjoy a canine companion in his new home, though would probably be equally happy with all the attention too!  Yeti thinks getting booty scratches are just the very best thing ever - second only to getting a furever home of his own!  
  LETO (Adoption Pending)
***ADOPTION PENDING***   LETO is a lovely lady Mal/husky mix that is ready to be your adventure buddy!  She is happiest being outdoors with her people walking, running, hiking, swimming - you see where we are going with this!  In her own yard she likes to do some creative gardening and patrolling to keep small critters out of her space.  After all that fun, she is ready for some snuggles and snoozes inside with the family!  Leto will make a wonderful companion for any active family, loving people of all ages and is described as very sweet and gentle!  She also does well with other dogs similar to her size and enjoys a good play session.  Leto is a smart girl and knows a number of commands including: sit, stay, up or load up (to get into the car), get down (like off the bed), and her name (when called on a hike to come).  She is also a good co-pilot in the car so will load right up to get going onto her next adventure!
MIKO loves people especially if you rub his belly.  He's a big goofy guy who is full of energy.  MIKO enjoys outdoor activities including hikes, pulling you on a bike or simply playing fetch in your back yard.  True to the breed, he will spend hours out in the snow enjoying the crisp cold weather.  MIKO is professionally trained at a K9 school where he knows many commands. ( Sit, down, place, come, heel, break, leave it and off)  He wants to be the alpha with big dogs, therefore,  would do well as the only dog or with small dogs.   He needs a home that has a fenced outdoor space big enough for him to run and show he is the fastest dog in the world.  The family should have the time to exercise him daily but also be ready to cuddle him and give him big hugs. Unfortunately, MIKO's current family is unable to keep him due to their housing situation.  They are heartbroken, but rea...read more about MIKO
DIESEL is a young playful guy who is good with children and other dogs.  He is very friendly, loves to be petted, leaning in for more.    He knows basic commands like “sit”, “stay”, “come”, “leave it”. “off” and “drop it.”   DIESEL loves to take walks and does well on a leash. Unfortunately, he still has accidents in the house and will need a family who has the time to further train him.   Since he is treat motivated, it should not take long for this smart boy to learn. He is not a big fan of car rides, so he will need a family that takes him to fun places, where he will realize a trip is something to be excited about.  DIESEL will be a great addition for a family who loves the outdoors and has the time and patience to spend with him. Important - Please note.   This dog is being listed by WAMAL but is residing with its owner. While WAMAL has evalu...read more about DIESEL
  KONA (Courtesy Listing)
COURTESY LISTING Kona is a sweet, gentle and loving Malamute mix, he is around 5-6years old and weighs 80lbs. He is ready to find his forever home!  Kona is a well-mannered and sweet dog who is happy to just be where his people are. Kona can be more shy at first and takes a little bit of time warming up to new people and feeling comfortable in new situations. Once he knows you, he is so loving and sweet as can be! He enjoys walks and walks well on leash. He does get a little more confidence, he should start to settle in the home. He would love to live in a quiet area with a fenced yard for him to lounge and roam. He should be fine with another dog in the home. He's more independent and may not want to actively engage in play. He is not tested with cats. Kids over 8. Kona is active and would love a home where he can get daily walks or have a fenced yard to roam and lounge. If you're active and like company, he's the dog for you. Kona is neutered, up t...read more about KONA (Courtesy Listing)
  MAX (Courtesy Listing)
Courtesy Listing My name is Max! Max is a 7-year-old Alaskan Malamute/German Shepard/Lab mix. Max has bounced around a couple of homes due to some behavioral issues but with the right family that is dedicated to him and his training, he is a wonderful dog! Max will resource guard and is protective over his food, toys, and his person. His previous family claims he began this behavior after getting attacked at the dog park at the age of 2. The majority of the time he is a great dog with no issues, but he will need a family that is experienced and can work with him in the areas he has some issues. He is up to date on all shots, neutered, potty trained, crate trained, and walks well on leash unless he sees a bunny, squirrel, or another dog. Since Max can be protective of his person, Max needs a single owner home or a home with two very experienced and committed owners as he will likely end up bonding with and being protective of one of the owners. We will not place him in a hom...read more about MAX (Courtesy Listing)
  BALTO (Courtesy Listing)
COURTESY LISTING If you would like to learn more about Balto please contact  Forever Home Dog Rescue fhdrwa@gmail.com My name is Balto ! My Story Balto is a sweet, playful and loving 2 year old, Malamute/Shepherd mix who is looking for his forever home! Balto is super friendly and happy and loves to play around outside with his people! He is a leaner and loves pets and attention too. Balto walks well on leash but can get excited and pull at times. He is large, around 75-80lbs and will needs owners who can handle his size and strength. Balto does good with other dogs and came from a home where he lived with two other large dogs. No cats or small animals for him. He would do well with another large laid back dog in the home. And he would make a great adventure buddy! Balto is UTD on shots, neutered and microchipped. His adoption fee is $500. Lovingly cared for by Forever Hom...read more about BALTO (Courtesy Listing)
  NIKO (Courtesy Listing)
COURTESY LISTING If you would like to learn more about Niko please contact  Forever Home Dog Rescue fhdrwa@gmail.com My name is Niko ! My Story Say hi to Niko! This sweet Alaskan Malamute has had a rough past and is ready to move forward with his loving forever home. Niko is around 3 years old and currently weighs around 50lbs, but is very underweight and is working on getting to a healthy weight. Niko was a stray dog in Mexico, which is a tough place for a Malamute to be a stray! He recently joined us and is now looking for his forever home. Niko is an awesome dog but does have some issues that will require the right home, training and experience. Niko is currently in a foster home with 4 other dogs. He has started to show resource guarding (with food, toys, etc), which is no surprise as he is used to competing for his food and resources as a stray. So he is currently being kept separate, and having supervised in...read more about NIKO (Courtesy Listing)
  YUKON (Courtesy Listing)
COURTESY LISTING If you would like to learn more about YUKON please contact  Meichele Boisvert by texting or calling 253-579-4255   YUKON is a 140 neutered male. He is UTD on shots. He is a mix between Husky/Malamute/GSD and some other breeds.  Yukon is very good with children. Yukon is on guard with most adults and will bark loud but does warm up very quickly. He lives in a house with cats and has no issues with them. He will go nuts for the vacuum, blender, leaf blower, weed whacker, lawn mower, hand drill. He loves to chase drones and RC cars. He will catch them in his mouth and then drop them so he can chase them again. He loves going into the woods to go hiking. He has fabulous recall. He is vibration collar and kennel trained. He knows all of his basic training commands and walks on a leash very well, even my 6yr old granddaughter can walk him.  The only issue we have found is that because of his size, oth...read more about YUKON (Courtesy Listing)
  TANGO (Courtesy Listing)
COURTESY LISTING If you would like to learn more about TANGO please contact Rachel Vaughn Grimm at  rackle810@gmail.com https://sites.google.com/view/foxy-and-tango/home?fbclid=IwAR3berET-U8hl258Q5WuXwxmkHTLiSoJH2D0QotGqfjconZvWnzZVVuqt9A   TANGO is searching for the perfect home with his bonded sister "Foxy" Foxtrot. Tango has the typical husky personality. They do all the typical things huskies do, but at much less the intensity most huskies do. Breed familiar adopters are preferred, huskies are not for beginners but Tango and Foxy would be considered oddly well behaved for huskies. Tango and Foxy are incredibly affectionate and cuddly. Tango and Foxy lived with children their entire lives and do quite wonderfully with them. Above toddler age children would be best due to their size.  NO cats or small dogs. Their exercise needs are relatively low, but they do prefer at le...read more about TANGO (Courtesy Listing)
COURTESY LISTING If you would like to learn more about FOXY please contact Rachel Vaughn Grimm at  rackle810@gmail.com https://sites.google.com/view/foxy-and-tango/home?fbclid=IwAR3berET-U8hl258Q5WuXwxmkHTLiSoJH2D0QotGqfjconZvWnzZVVuqt9A FOXY is searching for the perfect home with her bonded brother Tango Foxtrot "Foxy" has more mildly nervous herding breed type personality They do all the typical things huskies do, but at much less the intensity most huskies do. Breed familiar adopters are preferred, huskies are not for beginners but Tango and Foxy would be considered oddly well behaved for huskies. Tango and Foxy are incredibly affectionate and cuddly. Tango and Foxy lived with children their entire lives and do quite wonderfully with them. Above toddler age children would be best due to their size.  NO cats or small dogs. Their exercise needs are relatively low, but t...read more about FOXTROT "FOXY" (Courtesy Listing)
  MAX (Courtesy Listing)
COURTESY LISTING If you would like to learn more about MAX please contact pawspendleton@gmail.com Max is a senior dog who hasn't slowed down a bit. He still plays rough with some other dogs and needs to be separated from them occasionally, he has been known to jump fences and escape. BUT he is a sweet boy with lots of love to give! We are hoping for an experienced Malamute owner to give this sweet boy the best possible home for his golden years.  IMPORTANT - Please Note:  Max is being listed as a courtesy. WAMAL has not evaluated this dog in person and any information we have listed here is information provided by the current rescue. WAMAL cannot guarantee this information or take responsibility for any inaccurate information posted in this listing.
  AKIMA (Courtesy Listing)
COURTESY LISTING If you would like to learn more about AKIMA please contact People for Animal Care and Kindness   at  packcares@gmail.com     At 9 years old, Akima landed at a California shelter as a stray. Even though she was microchipped, no owner came forward to save her. Dirty and with heavily matted fur, Akima showed obvious signs of neglect. Luckily, she was rescued from the shelter and is now ready for the comforts and love that a furever home will provide her. She is overweight at 130 pounds, although walks and a healthy diet with her new family will help that. She is acclimating to all of the recent changes in her life, but in spite of all that she has been through, Akima shows incredible resilience. She is extremely sweet to everyone, people and dogs alike - and loves to ride in the car! Akima was transported to western Washington and is seeking her forever home to settle into. Could that be with you?   IMPORTANT ...read more about AKIMA (Courtesy Listing)