Malley Valley in Puyallup, WA is having a work party and we need some helping hands!

Saturday, October 24th from 9am-3pm

Sunday, October 25th from 10am-2pm

Please e-mail Mikaila at to indicate if you are interested in attending and which day so we will know to expect you and can keep you updated with our needs for the weekend!

Welcome to WAMAL

Washington Alaskan Malamute Adoption League (WAMAL) was formed in 1998 by Cindy Neely to help with Malamute Rescue in Washington State and since then has expanded into Oregon.  WAMAL rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes Malamutes (or Mal-enough-a-mutes!) who, through no fault of their own, find themselves without a home or in need of a new home.

Serving the greater Northwest we are also part of a national rescue network, AMAL, that covers other areas of the US. WAMAL provides hope to families that must rehome their malamutes when life has taken a sharp detour; training support to those families desperately working to keep their 4-legged family members; works with shelters and takes into rescue strays and those pups needing an extra level of thoroughness in the adoption process; and, actively recruits adopters and foster homes.

We are a 100% volunteer run, 501c.3 non-profit organization that is celebrating over 20 years!  Our volunteers come from all walks of life and locations and WAMAL is only able to do what we do because of this generous and dedicated team of volunteers.  They truly make it possible to save the lives of this gentle, stubborn, and loving working breed. WAMAL has rescued many hundreds of malamutes to date and each holds a place in our hearts.

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NOOKA is a very fun and sweet girl who needs daily exercise to help her release all her malamute energy. For this spry 8-year-old gal exercise is very crucial! She loves walking/hiking with a backpack as it gives her the little extra exercise she needs while on walks and helps her focus. It takes her time to warm up to new people and Nooka seems to favor females. She’s not much of a snuggler, is independent and can be left alone at home for hours without causing any damage. She also loves her crate and sleeps in there all night with no problem. Nooka would do best being the only dog in the house and in an adult only home. As most malamutes do, she has a very high prey drive so no kitties or small furries. Nooka is great at telling you when she needs to go out to the bathroom. Her voice is really beautiful, and she is not afraid to use it. She loves to sing and be heard. Overall, she is a great girl who would be best in a house with people who are highly active and would get her more about NOOKA
RANDY is a big healthy 10-year-old mal looking for his perfect family! Do not let his age fool you--he has the energy of a 2-year-old! This guy is strong, super smart and will do best in an adult only home. Randy loves attention and really adores people. He has great house manners and will not destroy nor chew items, is house trained and knows his commands in both English and German. His best day includes lots of walking, hiking and activity. He rides great in the car, jumps in and out with ease and loves to have the window cracked to stick his head out. Randy enjoys his food but can be reactive if someone tries to take away food wrappers etc. so he needs a committed owner to continue the positive progress he is making in his foster home.  He can get reactive at the sight of other dogs and needs a careful handler while on leash. His foster says that, after some time with her, Randy has grown comfortable enough to show his goofy and playful sides!   The Golden more about RANDY
CASH is ready to live the good life after winding up in a crowded CA shelter and spending some time on death row. This special 4-year-old male loves people and is ready to go on adventures! Cash will need an experienced adopter who has dealt with resource guarding behavior and who can be attentive to his known triggers and how to manage him around food and toys. He is a smart pup and knows sit, down, touch, stay, come and shake already and will enjoy learning new tricks with his new owner. Regular exercise will be an important key to satisfying Cash’s energy and mental stimulation needs. A home with no cats, young kids or other dogs would be the best for him. Cash is good with other dogs but his resource guarding needs would require his new home to give him their undivided attention to help him be a good family member. Cash is currently in the Seattle area and the option of several supervised visits prior to adoption, along with in-home training sessions from his more about CASH
KODA and his sister Kaya are searching for a new home! They are a strongly bonded pair who have never been apart and will need to stay together in their new home. Koda is a super sweet boy who is very easy going and loves to cuddle. He is happy to meet new people and has spent time around kids. He does love to barrel through the house at times so could accidentally knock small ones down. He does well with other dogs and has spent time around cats but will give chase if they run. He would really love a large securely fenced in yard where he can run around with his sister but if he gets bored he may try his hand at landscaping. Koda enjoys his leash walks although he could use some help learning not to pull. He is housetrained and has very good house manners. If you are looking for a pair of malamutes who love spending time with their people than look no further! The adoption fee of $600 for the pair includes spay-neuter and all vaccines. Kaya and Koda are being lovingly cared for more about KODA
KAYA and her brother Koda are searching for a new home! They are a strongly bonded pair who have never been apart and will need to stay together in their new home. Kaya is a very sweet and outgoing girl who loves everyone she meets. They have both spent time around kids and are well behaved with them but should always be monitored. Kaya enjoys her leash walks although she could use some help learning not to pull. She is housetrained and knows her basic commands of sit and down. Kaya has done well with other dogs. If you are looking for a pair of malamutes who love spending time with their people than look no further! The adoption fee of $600 for the pair includes spay-neuter and all vaccines. Kaya and Koda are being lovingly cared for in Washington while they await their new forever home. Important - Please note. This dog is being listed by WAMAL but is residing with his current family. While WAMAL has evaluated this dog in person any info we have listed here is more about KAYA
KYIA is looking for a malamute experienced adult-only home. This special malamute is believed to have had a previous owner that may have been abusive and is very cautious about people coming into her home. The WAMAL volunteer that met her met in a park and was able to walk Kyia. She is picky with her dog friends and may be best as an only dog. She is a known food thief and has been known to open microwaves and toaster ovens - smart girl! Despite these challenges she is a lovely malamute that will do well with consistent training and exercise. At five years young she has lots of energy and is ready to go on adventures! She comes house and crate trained. The adoption fee of $400 includes spay-neuter and all vaccines.
KANGAMOO is looking for his furever home and wants to be your one and only pup. Kangamoo loves going on adventures and being out in public--outdoor restaurants, walks, hikes. Since he came into rescue without us knowing anything about him, he has been fortunate enough to be in a foster home with John, a professional trainer, who has been working with Kanga to learn what kind of home would be best for him.  Kanga may not be a “cuddle ready” Mal just yet but loves giving licks and kisses and is super affectionate…you just need to let him initiate in the early days while he is building trust.  Kanga has no issue being left alone for 3-4 hours and is happy to sleep in your bed or anywhere as long as he can be close to you. Kanga doesn’t do well in an apartment setting with cramped stairways or elevators so we are looking for a home setting for him with a secure yard. As far as other dogs, when on walks Kanga notices them, wants to approach some, but more about KANGAMOO
ELIJAH is a young malamute who still has some growing to do to match his big paws!  This cutie is ready for adventures with his new family and would do well with another dog.  He is a very friendly dog with people and does well with children, though with his energy levels older kids may be best.  As a young pup, Elijah will need continued training, leash work, and lots of exercise to be the best canine companion he can be.  Typical of his age and breed, he is a digger and will escape if given the chance. He takes treats gently and enjoys time with people.  Elijah is a great pup ready to find his furever home!     
SILVER is from a really sad situation where she and her partner JJ were left on their own for at least two years at a construction site.  Food and water were not always available, and they sought shelter and shade under a variety of construction vehicles.  Silver came into rescue and was given a thorough vet exam and much needed bath and grooming!  While the volunteers were at first timid about interacting with these ‘wild’ pups, Silver soon won them over!  She is gentle, loves attention and easy to walk on leash.  Very chill and laid back this pup deserves a place to call home where she can be spoiled, and she can get all the love she has missed out on.  She can be uncertain and protective around other dogs (other than JJ) so would love to be in a home without other pups and definitely no cats.  She loves kids and seems to actually prefer kids to adults according to our volunteers who brought their children out for dog more about SILVER
SADIE is a lovely adult malamute that wants to be your one and only!  She has been well cared for and loved; however, has to find a new home due to an incident with another dog.  Other than needing to be an only pet and careful around other dogs, she really has no other issues.  She walks well on leash and knows a number of commands - and even follows them quite well on leash and about half the time when not on leash.  (The other half of the time off leash she wants to convince us she just didn't hear the commands...oh malamutes!)  On walks, she does well with the 'wait' command, though will pull to get to another dog, so needs someone strong enough to keep her from doing that.  She enjoys pulling carts, which is good, as she needs exercise to lose a little extra 'fluff'.  This friendly girl loves people and has spent time with older children that she did very well with.  Sadie enjoys attention and getting pets and more about SADIE
NALA is a young adult malamute that would most likely enjoy being your only pet.  This does make sense as she LOVES people and craves attention!  She also has the typical malamute prey drive for smaller animals and is quite an alpha.  She enjoys being pet all over and is a licker and likes to gently nibble on fingers while being pet.  She has primarily been outside, so would enjoy being indoors with her human pack in her new home while also spending time outdoors.  She is an active girl that will need some leash work.  This will be made easier as she is good in the car once she gets a boost in, so will be happy to join you on all of your adventures!  She has done well with kids, though does like to put her paws up on people, so will need to be watched as she may knock over little ones out of excitement.  This lovely lady is ready to be the apple of your eye!
GARY is a young malamute mix that is adventure ready!  Gary came into one of our partner shelters as a very skinny stray that is described as a sweet goofball.  He is a happy guy that enjoys people and leaned in for hugs from our evaluator right off the bat!  This pup doesn't have a shy bone in his body and proceeded to do zoomies with frequent visits over for pets and loves in between.  He will benefit from good nutrition to get his weight up, exercise, and a lot of training to enable him to grow into an awesome companion.  He already knows 'sit', 'off', and is learning fetch skills.  He politely sits and waits for his food and takes treats gently.  We expect Gary would very much enjoy having a canine companion in his new home that has a similar energy level.  That said, he is very vocal and bouncy when meeting new dogs, so will need some work on that.  He would also do well as an only dog as long as his human more about GARY
SPIKE is a young adult malamute mix that was struggling in the shelter environment after his owner needed to rehome him.  The shelter got in touch with WAMAL and he is now ready for his forever home.  In the home environment, Spike was described as being playful and enjoyed leaning in for pets.  He spent most of his time outdoors and got along with all family members.  When he first arrived at the shelter, he did well with the vet staff and was friendly until he was to be re-kenneled, which he tried his best to avoid!  We expect his behavior was primarily driven by his confusion in the environment and believe he will settle back into a home environment.  He has not been around large dogs, though is reported to have done well with smaller dogs in his past.  We will continue to assess him around other dogs and he may enjoy a canine companion in his new home.  Spike is ready for a savvy owner to take him on adventures and welcome him into his new more about SPIKE
MIRA The best word to describe Mira is sweetheart!  This mal, with her big smile and gentle nature, quickly is becoming a volunteer favorite and will make an amazing family dog!  In fact, when getting some belly rubs she almost fell asleep!  Mira's perfect home is one where she can be with her people and would love to be an only dog.  She - and I think you will agree - certainly deserves undivided love and attention!  With that attention she will reward you with lots of love, tail wagging, and leaning.  She walks well on leash and is very receptive to voice commands - she already knows sit, stay, down - both verbal and hand signals.  She is also house trained, though after being in a shelter and boarding, may need a little refresher.  She is a mal, and as such, needs secure containment to keep her safe and out of trouble (chickens are not safe with this girl!).  Mira has loved everyone she has more about MIRA
  MURPHY (Adoption Pending)
***ADOPTION PENDING*** MURPHY was found as a stray with a broken rope that was tied too tightly around his neck and a little underweight.  Fortunately he arrived at a shelter that took great care of him and helped get this boy to WAMAL! Murphy is an amazing dog and ready to join an amazing pack! You would never guess he had such a challenging time in his past as Murphy loves everyone he meets and enjoys getting affection. He is described as a happy dog that is attentive and playful. He walks well on leash and will enjoy going out for adventures.  While in the shelter he tested well with everyone he met, including children, and both large and small dogs. He also appears to be house broken as he waited until he was out of his kennel to potty. We will continue to learn more about this boy while we have him, but expect someone will adopt him quick with his sweet personality and great energy! 
  EMMETT (Adoption Pending)
***ADOPTION PENDING*** We pulled EMMETT from one of our partner shelters.  This energetic pup is 3 years old and wants to be your best bud! So far, we have found him to be a friendly, goofy and at times pushy boy just shy of 100 pounds. This guy is strong, super smart and will do best in an adult only home. Emmett seems aware of his size and so will need someone who is not only strong in build but in attitude. He will need a calm, consistent, and patient adopter familiar with positive reinforcement training and someone who can meet his energy and mental stimulation needs. He is a typical malamute with a high prey drive so needs a home without small animals. He is good with medium sized dogs and larger. He enjoys playing with toys and is a big strong boy. He can be protective of his food and treats. He loves people and is just a happy pup!  
COURTESY LISTING If you would like to learn more about Koru please contact Forever Home Dog Rescue by email directly at And here’s a link to their Adoption application Koru is a beautiful, happy and super sweet Alaskan Malamute/Husky mix. He is around 11 months old, weighs roughly 70 pounds and still has a lot of room to grow! He is looking for an active family and needs to be in a home with another playful dog with a yard to play around in! Koru is young and very active, he will need a family that can get him proper exercise and is familiar of the needs of Malamutes/Huskies. Since he is still a puppy he will need basic obedience and potty training support. Koru loves other dogs, would do fine with respectful kids over 10 and is not tested with cats but due to his breed mix we do not recommend them. Koru requires: -a large fenced yard out of the city -another playful dog his size -large breed more about KORU
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