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Washington Alaskan Malamute Adoption League (WAMAL) was formed in 1998 by Cindy Neely to help with Malamute Rescue in Washington State and since then has expanded into Oregon.  WAMAL rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes Malamutes (or Mal-enough-a-mutes!) who, through no fault of their own, find themselves without a home or in need of a new home.

Serving the greater Northwest we are also part of a national rescue network, AMAL, that covers other areas of the US. WAMAL provides hope to families that must rehome their malamutes when life has taken a sharp detour; training support to those families desperately working to keep their 4-legged family members; works with shelters and takes into rescue strays and those pups needing an extra level of thoroughness in the adoption process; and, actively recruits adopters and foster homes.

We are a 100% volunteer run, 501c.3 non-profit organization that is celebrating over 20 years!  Our volunteers come from all walks of life and locations and WAMAL is only able to do what we do because of this generous and dedicated team of volunteers.  They truly make it possible to save the lives of this gentle, stubborn, and loving working breed. WAMAL has rescued many hundreds of malamutes to date and each holds a place in our hearts.

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NOOKA is a very fun and sweet girl who needs daily exercise to help her release all her malamute energy. For this spry 8-year-old gal exercise is very crucial! She loves walking/hiking with a backpack as it gives her the little extra exercise she needs while on walks and helps her focus. It takes her time to warm up to new people and Nooka seems to favor females. She’s not much of a snuggler, is independent and can be left alone at home for hours without causing any damage. She also loves her crate and sleeps in there all night with no problem. Nooka would do best being the only dog in the house and in an adult only home. As most malamutes do, she has a very high prey drive so no kitties or small furries. Nooka is great at telling you when she needs to go out to the bathroom. Her voice is really beautiful, and she is not afraid to use it. She loves to sing and be heard. Overall, she is a great girl who would be best in a house with people who are highly active and would get her p...read more about NOOKA
SADIE is a lovely adult malamute that wants to be your one and only!  She has been well cared for and loved; however, has to find a new home due to an incident with another dog.  Other than needing to be an only pet and careful around other dogs, she really has no other issues.  She walks well on leash and knows a number of commands - and even follows them quite well on leash and about half the time when not on leash.  (The other half of the time off leash she wants to convince us she just didn't hear the commands...oh malamutes!)  On walks, she does well with the 'wait' command, though will pull to get to another dog, so needs someone strong enough to keep her from doing that.  She enjoys pulling carts, which is good, as she needs exercise to lose a little extra 'fluff'.  This friendly girl loves people and has spent time with older children that she did very well with.  Sadie enjoys attention and getting pets and b...read more about SADIE
KAIN Wanted: Super cushy bed!  It would be great if the bed came with the accessories of a loving family and a calm environment too!  Kain is a senior mal that has unfortunately experienced some major changes in his home that makes it best for him to find a new place for his retirement years.  Kain is a very good boy; however, he does need someone who is patient and understands he doesn't like being startled (I mean who does?)  The best home for him will be with adults and may do well with another dog of similar energy levels with proper introductions.  He walks well on leash, which will be good to help him lose a little extra (ahem) fluff.  He is very smart and knows a number of commands.  He can be a little excitable, so may need to be reminded of those commands on occasion.  True to his breed, he has a strong prey drive so no small critters.  Kain is ready to join his new family with some walks, hangin...read more about KAIN
MS. HANNAH is our picture perfect Diva! She is a strong-willed Alaskan Malamute mix with one of the cutest fuzzy faces around. Being a true example to the breed Hannah likes to test her limits occasionally. As such she will require an adopter who has a good understand of pack rules and a loving yet firm hand during training. Hannah loves a long hike as much as a Netflix and chill night on the couch. Her favorite snack is cheese curds. So if you have access to Beechers Handmade Cheese she would like to meet you immediately. Hannah loves being with her humans and so if she is left for long periods of time may try to escape to find the company of another person to spoil her. Hannah needs an escape proof home environment (Fort Knox like since she is a master at creative escapes). She is a bit cool towards other dogs and would prefer to be your one and only in true Diva fashion. Cats and young children are probably not a good mix for this girl.  Hannah is being lovingly cared for...read more about MS. HANNAH
KANGA wants to be your adventure buddy! This fit active boy loves going places and being out in public--outdoor restaurants, walks, hikes—and adores his car rides!  Kanga, once he knows you, loves giving licks and kisses and is super affectionate…you just need to let him initiate in the early days while he is building trust.  This pup has had a challenging past and he just needs to know you can be count on to pay attention to his physical cues when he’s feeling overwhelmed or unsure. Kanga has no issue being left alone for 3-4 hours and is happy to sleep in your bed or anywhere as long as he can be close to you. Kanga won’t do well in an apartment setting with cramped stairways or elevators, so we are looking for a home setting for him with a secure yard. As far as other dogs, Kanga can be choosy so we are looking for a home where he can be Fuzzball King of the Castle!  Definitely NO cats and young kids are iffy too.  Dog savvy teen...read more about KANGA
SILVER is from a really sad situation where she was left on their own for at least two years at a construction site.  Food and water were not always available, and she sought shelter and shade under a variety of construction vehicles.  Silver came into rescue and was given a thorough vet exam and much needed bath and grooming!  While the volunteers were at first timid about interacting with these "wild" pups, Silver soon won them over!  She is gentle, loves attention and easy to walk on leash.  Very chill and laid back this pup deserves a place to call home where she can be spoiled, and she can get all the love she has missed out on.  She can be uncertain and protective around other dogs so would love to be in a home without other pups and definitely no cats.  She loves kids and seems to actually prefer kids to adults according to our volunteers who brought their children out for dog socialization.  This pup is quite food driv...read more about SILVER
BETTY is a big red-headed beauty that absolutely loves attention!  As soon as you start petting her, she leans in and rolls down your legs to get on her back to ensure she gets that belly rubbed!  She is well-mannered and walks well on leash, which is good since she’s a big pup!  She knows some commands including sit/stay, shake, and down and will happily do them until she is on a leash - then it is all about her exploring and walking.  Betty came into rescue with an undiagnosed case of hypothyroid.  Since being on medication, which she takes easily, her energy and stamina have gone up and her weight has gone down and she is working on becoming a super fit middle aged pup!  Betty has reacted well with other dogs both at the kennel and at her foster home so she would probably welcome a fuzzy sibling of the canine persuasion—no kitties please.  Betty would also welcome being your one and only too!  Betty is a gentle, sw...read more about BETTY
STORMI is a young malamute that is looking for a home where she can run and play and play and run!  She is still a pup and - as to be expected - is full of energy and excitement!  She is very friendly and exuberant.  In her first home she had some challenging experiences, which we believe is a contributing factor for some of her anxiety so may enjoy a home with another dog.  With her age, many things are still new and she will do well bonding with her new family with training for commands and leash walking.  She is already learning her commands and knows 'come', 'sit', and 'leave it' and is learning others as well!  She loves people and attention and will do well with a strong, calm, and gentle pack leader.  She loves her toys and her cushy bed and is ready for her forever home.  Stormi would do best in an active home with adults and possibly older children where she can bond with their pack over some outdoor adventures an...read more about STORMI
THOR LOVES attention and is friendly and confident when meeting people! He would really enjoy joining a new home where he can get lots of attention and be your adventure buddy!  Thor is a smart boy that already knows some commands, including "sit," "down," and "shake" along with the command of "stay...no way!" He does better with his commands if you have a high value treat in hand (not surprisingly!). He has lived with another dog and may enjoy another dog buddy in his new home, though will need to be watched around bones and antlers as he has shown some guarding tendencies. He is crate trained and does well at the vet office and with the groomers. True to his breed, he needs a lot of activity and secure containment (he has been known to try to get out of windows and doors). He loves car rides and is playful and active, so will make getting to adventures fun and easy! He also particularly enjoys Pupuccinos!   
KOA Who's a good boy?  Koa's a good boy...suuuuuuuch a good boy!!  This pup will do best in a home of his own where he can get a lot of activity and attention.  He loves people and especially getting belly and ear rubs.  He walks great on leash and does very well in the car, so will be a joy to hike with!  He knows 'sit', 'down', and is very receptive to voice, even coming when called.  This polite boy will also give you his paw for a shake!  With all that intelligence there has to be a little malamute mischief and here it is...he can open doors!  So typical of his breed, he will need a secure space and activity so he doesn't get bored and decide to take himself for a walk.  That challenge is easily overcome by ensuring he is exercised and engaged - which will be super easy with his personality - I mean who wouldn't want to pay him all the attention?  As one of our volunteers aptly put it, Koa is 're...read more about KOA
OREO is a sweet cookie that is looking for - and really deserves - his forever home. This pup has been through a lot, coming into rescue with an injury, untreated bladder infection, and underweight after having been essentially rescued by a good Samaritan from a life living in a parking lot sleeping under cars. He is well on his way to a full recovery and this experience has not daunted his malamute spirit at all! He is adaptable and a big, strong malamute that would love to be part of a pack of his very own. He is friendly to people, curious, and already knows the command of "sit."  He does really well in cars, taking the opportunity to chill and even nap.  He will need some help with his leash training, which is not surprising based on his history as he has likely not had a lot of experience. He enjoys attention and being petted and we are confident he will really enjoy learning about the finer things in life - like indoor snuggles and lots of adventures!&nbs...read more about OREO
  ICICLE (Courtesy Listing)
Courtesy Listing ICICLE is residing with his foster, Genny, so for more info please contact her directly: gennybreon@gmail.com or 515-227-9092. Genny is coordinating his adoption directly. His foster says, “ICY is doing amazingly well! His last surgery was December 23rd at SVS in Kirkland, a bilateral TPLO plate removal. We don’t have enough kind words and prayers to thank Dr. Vince and his team for the wonderful care. He’s such a happy playful pup! He's loving our longer than usual walks and doesn’t seem in discomfort or pain anymore (before a bit of exercise could cause lots of discomfort). He’s in a better mood and always smiling. He is a bit more interested in the kitties and the playpen is not something he sees as a big obstacle, he’s more confident on standing, but we manage to be always close and put some blankets around so he doesn’t see them and it’s fine. So, I think definitely no other animals in his f...read more about ICICLE (Courtesy Listing)
  MAX (Courtesy Listing)
Courtesy Listing My name is Max! Max is a 7-year-old Alaskan Malamute/German Shepard/Lab mix. Max has bounced around a couple of homes due to some behavioral issues but with the right family that is dedicated to him and his training, he is a wonderful dog! Max will resource guard and is protective over his food, toys, and his person. His previous family claims he began this behavior after getting attacked at the dog park at the age of 2. The majority of the time he is a great dog with no issues, but he will need a family that is experienced and can work with him in the areas he has some issues. He is up to date on all shots, neutered, potty trained, crate trained, and walks well on leash unless he sees a bunny, squirrel, or another dog. Since Max can be protective of his person, Max needs a single owner home or a home with two very experienced and committed owners as he will likely end up bonding with and being protective of one of the owners. We will not place him in a hom...read more about MAX (Courtesy Listing)
  SPIKE (Adoption Pending)
*** Adoption Pending*** SPIKE will do anything with and for you as long as he trusts you! Spike knows basic commands, walks nicely, and will let you brush anywhere. Timid at first, he will lean in for pets and will woo, leap, and twirl when he’s excited. He is very smart and extremely food motivated, so you can teach him pretty much anything. We have been working on ‘sit’ and ‘wait’ to teach him not to push through the door since he doesn’t like to be left behind. Spike will play fetch with you, bringing the toy right to your hands sometimes. His favorite past time is sleeping and gnawing on bones. There have been a couple of times that he has guarded a bone (it was a rawhide that had broken off) and a rat that he had caught, but I never worried that he would bite me. He will warn you if he is not comfortable with you getting too close or guarding something (only twice in the time he has been with us), so yo...read more about SPIKE (Adoption Pending)
  SHIDA (Courtesy Listing)
****COURTESY LISTING**** Shida is a sweet, 9yo, 95lb Alaskan Malamute mix who is ready to find her forever home. She came to our rescue as an owner surrender when they became disabled and were no longer able to care for her. Shida was very overweight at 149 pounds when she first came to us and appeared to have had some arthritis.  She has since lost over 50lbs and fortunately her symptoms originally thought to be arthritis completely cleared up. She also recently had a dental and is all set with her clean teefies! Shida loves people and enjoys walks, and lounging outside or on her bed. Shida does resource guard her treat/food/toys so will need a family experienced with that behavior. Shida can do well with dogs but no overly excited, hyper or dominant dogs. And she will need to be watched as she will get snappy with other dogs when it comes to her toys, food, etc. Shida is Housebroken, UTD on shots, microchipped, house trained and spayed. Located in Mountlake Terrace, ...read more about SHIDA (Courtesy Listing)
  KONA (Courtesy Listing)
COURTESY LISTING Meet KONA and BOWIE, bonded pair!  If you would like to learn more about them please contact fhdrwa!@gmail.com. Kona and Bowie are a bonded father/son pair from Ocean Park, WA. Their owners had to suddenly leave the country. Kona is a Malamute and the dad. He is about 5 years old, 80 lbs, and has hazel eyes. Kona is quite timid at first, but once you gain his trust, he is very friendly and loving. He loves to lean in and sit by your side. He cares greatly for his son and will look for him if he can't see him. Once he knows his son is safe, he'll act with more confidence. Bowie is his 3 year old son, also about 80 lbs. His distinctive looks are from his mother, who is a Pitbull. He has one blue eye and one hazel eye. They can be picky about their dog friends, but are generally quite playful and calm. They have been outdoor dogs their entire lives. They have a high prey drive and have not been around cats or kids. They must be adop...read more about KONA (Courtesy Listing)
  BOWIE (Courtesy Listing)
COURTESY LISTING Meet KONA and BOWIE, bonded pair!  If you would like to learn more about them please contact fhdrwa!@gmail.com. Kona and Bowie are a bonded father/son pair from Ocean Park, WA. Their owners had to suddenly leave the country. Kona is a Malamute and the dad. He is about 5 years old, 80 lbs, and has hazel eyes. Kona is quite timid at first, but once you gain his trust, he is very friendly and loving. He loves to lean in and sit by your side. He cares greatly for his son and will look for him if he can't see him. Once he knows his son is safe, he'll act with more confidence. Bowie is his 3 year old son, also about 80 lbs. His distinctive looks are from his mother, who is a Pitbull. He has one blue eye and one hazel eye. They can be picky about their dog friends, but are generally quite playful and calm. They have been outdoor dogs their entire lives. They have a high prey drive and have not been around cats or kids. They must be adopted togeth...read more about BOWIE (Courtesy Listing)