Cola – 01/01/2005

Cola’s fit into the family very well. Her and Dawson, our other mal, adore each other. She also thinks our three cats are ok. And the horses-new best friends. Her favorite past time is chasing the horses from her side of the fence. She runs with them as run past the yard, she thinks she’s part of the herd. Out of the yard, she only goes in the pasture if we are there then runs back into the yard so she can run with the horses. I think she knows they can’t chase her when she’s in the yard.

Daily long walks help burn some of the abundant energy she has and boy she has lots. She is fascinated by all the wildlife scents (deer, moose, coyote) on our walks. 10 year old Dawson tries to keep up to her but in the end just lets her spin hoping one day he will finally catch her-no way!

Xmas went great. We took them both to my mom’s place in Calgary, about 7 hours away. Cola was very calm and comfortable away from home. She seems to know she has found Home.