Willard – 02/21/2005

So far things are going well.  He really acts like he has been here forever…just made himself right at home.
He is a funny guy and will go outside with me, but within a few minutes runs back in the house thru the dog door, lays on the quilts on the living room floor and waits for me to come back in.  It will take him a bit to realize there is no chain here.

He also smells to high heaven.  I have brushed him some and tomorrow will make a beauty parlor appointment ASAP.  My friend came over last evening and walked into the house and immediately said…What is that smell!  Too funny.

I appreciate your offer to help if I run into problems.  As far as I can tell, he is a sweet pooch and I should be able to handle what comes up.  I think Ellen will too as she has politely snarled at him when he is too excited and he immediately put his head down and walked away.