Boots – 03/06/2005

We have had Boots for 10 days now and I think he is beginning to calm down and feel at home.  Sometimes he runs back and forth along the llama fence trying to get them to run with him.  We have a very good guard llama, and he runs back and forth on the other side trying to stomp on Boots.  Boots thinks this is great fun.  He still has not made any attempt to go over the fence, so I am really glad about that.  He is very sweet and very much like our Bear Dog.  My husband and I both slip and call him Bear sometimes.  The saddest thing about Boots so far is that yesterday we bought him a rope to play keep away and tug of war, and he had no idea what to do with it.  Within minutes he got the idea, but I couldn’t believe the neglect he has had. I’ll see if I can send a picture of him.