Kodi – 04/05/2005

Subject: To Bailey
This is an e-mail from Strider (now Kodi) to one of my dogs.
(ed note:  Donna was Strider’s foster mom)

—–Original Message—–
Dear Bailey,
Just thought I’d let you know that things are going well with me here in Zillah.  I found out that jumping into the pickup is not hard and we get to go to interesting places.  Sometimes I get a corn dog when he goes to pick up parts, and sometimes I get to help Dad change sprinklers and stuff.  I also get to run with the 3-wheeler through the orchards, now that’s fun!  I know I could beat Dad but I let him keep up with me.  I really do miss you, though.
Mom taught me a couple of new things called stay and come.  I humor her because she gives me treats.  Mom says to tell Donna hi.