Tucker – 07/18/2005

Talk about success stories, this is it. We heard about Tucker and the unhappiness he and his owners were experiencing from a WAMAL volunteer. Something about his story moved us to give him a chance for a new and happier life. He was so shy when we met him that he would urinate when you touched him. Within hours of arriving home, that ceased. He has really relaxed and is coming out of his shell. We are delighted with his progress. Our two cats, Paddy and Poof have accepted him as part of the family as well. So now he comes in for visits with “the boys”. He has really done well adapting to being an outside dog. Our big yard has become his comfort zone. He is curious, mischievous, loves to tease, and with time and training, will be another special friend in our lives. We are grateful to all the WAMAL people who made this possible.