Cooper – 08/16/2005

Cooper is a traveler and wants to know everyone.  He expects to be in the passenger seat of my van, (Oh brother!) Cooper isn’t a ‘back seat’ kind of dog.  Because of his size, I had to put a milk crate covered with a blanket on the floor of the front passenger side.  You see, Cooper’s Shetland Pony sized feet kept falling off the front seat onto the floor and he couldn’t see out the window.  Seeing out the window is pretty important to Cooper.  He’s a little vain and likes the general public to acknowledge his existence, his beauty and his resilience.  I brush Cooper daily and can’t believe his former owners thought that his normal shedding was something that made him a ‘bad dog’.  I was excited when Cooper dug his first hole this week….that was something that also made him a ‘bad dog’ in the past.  Unfortunately, his first hole is right in front of my mothers car and now she can’t get out.  It’s his favorite hole, so we’re working on a compromise.

Cooper is great on the leash when he meets other dogs and people.  He wants to meet anyone and everyone. Maybe kind of making up for his alone time in the past.  Cooper is one great dog.. He will never again suffer abuse at the hands of a human.  He won’t be seen needing a home again.