Akiya – 09/08/2005

Rescuing these noble and hysterically funny dogs is one of the great joys of my life. Mahina is so different in looks (Cindy told me not to try to ‘find’ Lishka again!) and her wooly coat is a daily challenge. She is so dear…recent hip x-rays show arthritis, but buffered aspirin keeps her going. She was running with me tonight for short distances.

She is gloriously beautiful…stops traffic where ever we go. Our walks are not as long as they once were, but she finds such joy in going outside. She does  love the river and is so happy now that the days are getting much cooler. The  lower the temperature the more ‘happy feet’ she gets.

Here’s a great part of our story. Her kitties, Bruddah and Sistah, go  on all the neighborhood walks with us. Sistah came first as a young kitten  and scolded her scairdy cat brother for whining when we left his area. She soon  talked him into joining us and now we are the neighborhood story. We look like a  bad Walt Disney movie…Mahina walking her cats each day and night! They also  ride in the car with her for trips to the vet! In the beginning it was a real  challenge to teach her these little fur balls were NOT yummy treats. However,  now they belong to her. One late night walk not long ago a big dog on the loose  chased the cats up a tree and Mahina went after him…bad hips and all!

We love you all who work so unceasingly for these wonderful snow dogs.