Tana – 02/15/2019

Here’s Tana! Isn’t she beautiful?

She has been with her new family for a few weeks, and is reported to be a smart, loving, appreciative, and confident young gal. She shows her excitement by being squirmy, trying to be everywhere at once, to get pets, to sniff… just a girl in motion! Tana is fascinated (and excited!) by the deer and the elk she gazes at through the glass door of her new house. She has not yet discovered the wild bunnies that live there too—watch out!

Tana gets to be an only girl to soak up the love of a couple that lost their other malamute on New Years Eve day to cancer, and couldn’t bear the house without a malamute, which has been their favorite breed for a good many years.

Tana’s people say they’ve known about WAMAL since they lost their second malamute about 8 years ago and are pleased to adopt a rescue. They also want to express their deepest appreciation for the speed in getting their home check completed to make meeting Tana possible. It was a big effort with several moving parts, but Tana is HOME.

Tana’s take:
“I love to stretch out between my people in their bed in the morning and at night, my face next to theirs, for chin and belly rubs. They feel so good–please don’t stop! This is delicious!
My new people are patient and kind and when I have an accident in the house, they understand it’s the stress of so much that’s ‘new.’ Whew! I’m trying, and I will start to eat better too, as I get more familiar with my new home.
Also, squeaky.toys.are.the.BEST!!!”