Neeko & Koko – 08/05/2020

The dogs have more than just “settled in,” they’ve become totally integral parts of our family. At first their reactions were somewhat tentative, and that may have been slightly exacerbated when our old lab-mix, Raven, passed about a week after they came home with us. But I think that they very quickly came to understand that they were in a safe place, how loved they were, and that this was absolutely going to be their Fur-ever home.

They’ve settled into their daily routine here quite nicely – to the extent that they’re now coming to us to remind us that it’s time to go for evening walkies. It’s also been fascinating to watch their individual personalities gradually emerge as they became increasingly comfortable with their new home: Neeko’s a big goofy cuddle monster (who’s surprisingly far more interested in getting pats and brushed than he is in getting treats), while Koko’s a bit of a diva who seems to delight in ignoring you until she demands your full attention. Generally speaking, they’re about as wonderful a pair of pups as we could ever have hoped for!