Fonzi – 10/02/2020

Fonzi was “love in the rough” As in–yes, some triggering that came from some random, seemingly innocuous response to a Fonzi behavior, but we (adopters) paid attention and learned what not to do (I have an example). And yes, adopters gave him a routine and LOTS of exercise, and he embellished on the routine and now has lady friends that he insists on visiting/flirting with during his walks. He’s come a long way, and it was in large part because his adopters are willing to take the time and have the insight/patience to get “learn” who He is, what HE needs/wants, and work with that. They never looked back, only worked for the Fonz.

From his Adopters:
One year ago today Fonz bounded into our lives, and we, into his.
He’s happy and hilarious and spooky smart and we love him…..
He’s learned to swim in the ocean…….chasing low-flying seagulls.  He has a girlfriend.  She’s much older than he is, and they play together.  She lives a mile or so away, and her owners say they haven’t seen her like this for years……like a puppy.  If she’s not outside when Michael and Fonzi walk by……..Fonz stops, and plants himself till she’s let outside.  He has another girlfriend just up the hill from us.  Sometimes she just wants to sit and be nuzzled.  (she’s much smaller than he is).  But her owner comes out to put Fonzi whenever she sees him………..and as his walks are kinda predictable, that’s most days.
Most folk out here have dogs, some of which are ill-mannered yappers.  Even when the big ones bellow out barks, all he does is glance at them. In his mind I suspect he’s saying, “Dumb dog”.  Their barking doesn’t rattle him in the least.
His girlfriend’s owner says if Michael and I drop dead, he wants the Fonz.
In other words, he’s a goof, and a social butterfly, adorable and sweet.  You can’t have him back…..