Tucker – December 2020

We are sad to announce the passing of Tucker, one of our long-fostered Mals. Tucker had a very sad early life and came into rescue in mid-2015 presenting quite the challenge. He reportedly had been abused by 2 previous owners and tied up outside.  Kids had thrown rocks at him and he bit one.  Tucker was a big dog, one of the ‘giant’ Mals.  Long time volunteers Stephanie and Jeremy had experience with giants and difficult behavior, “so I guess that’s how we got assigned to him”, shared Stephanie.

“He was with us 3 weeks and we took our time as you could see he wasn’t very trusting. We had a couple potential adopters early on but the intros didn’t go well. He was a very sweet dog that just needed love and a stable home.  We only had him a year before our first son came along and we weren’t sure how that would go. But Tucker grew to understand the baby and they had a sweet relationship.  He had his play time every night at 7:30 of soccer…he loved when we’d kick the ball and he’d try to catch it and roll it back to us. He loved walks and hikes. No interest in squirrels but he loved bunnies-not to eat, he wanted to be friends…..haha!

He’d go to the bedroom at his bedtime nightly and sleep in the same room as us as he always wanted to be near his humans. We went on many adventures to Orcas Island, Maple Pass, multiple camping trips, Oregon, Long Beach and more with him. He was in his element then and especially loved to splash in the water.

As he got older the hips started to give out on him and walks became harder to do. And he couldn’t control his bladder anymore. He became an outdoor doggie as he couldn’t make it up the stairs to get inside. But he still got walks and love and attention. We miss him lots!”

Tucker was also blessed with a having ‘godmother’, Tamra, active in his life. “Tucker was always very alert, calm, intuitive and empathetic.  I knew not to stare at dogs, but he seemed to seek out your gaze like he was trying to see what was going on with you.  And genuinely cared.

When my job made it really difficult to think about adopting another dog, I was thankful to have WAMAL and to be able to work with so many dogs, but Tucker was always special to me so when he was fortunate to go live with Stephanie and Jeremy, I had the opportunity to take him on trips to Methow Valley for hiking and Whidbey Island. We also went on a number of snow-shoeing day trips.  And I dog sat for him during summer and winter holidays.

With his size, presence, and good looks, he was always getting attention on walks and he was always a good walker and hiker.  When he traveled with me and met up with my friends, he always liked to be a part of the action, and he would play bow with my friends’ dog who we think was intimidated by Tucker’s size and good looks as he’d shy away whenever he saw Big Tuck coming.  Lol.

For a malamute, Tucker was very responsive and listened well. I found him very easy going and cooperative.   He liked attention but also liked his downtime too.  He was a gentle giant and very soulful.  He is missed in big ways!!”

Stephanie and Jeremy and family, THANK YOU so much for giving Tucker such an amazing home and so much love. And thank you to volunteers Danya, Tamra and Julie who took Tucker on adventures and were there to help when the going got tough.  Tucker leaves a very ‘giant’ hole in our hearts.

Tucker tribute from Phillip Keiman on Vimeo.

***Thanks to Phill and Julie who put this video tribute together to honor Tucker’s memory.***