Haddie – 07/03/2021

We did Haddie’s TPLO surgery and she’s had good results on that side. Keeping her on bed rest was impossible so I had to move her to my mom’s house (away from her/our kids to whom she has a sworn duty to follow and protect, despite the cone on her head, sedatives, and wicked limp).

Now we’ve moved across the country and we’ll have to do her other leg soon but at least we have more space and knowledge of the process, and hope that it is really an effective fix.

No big, and her medical update isn’t why I’m writing. I wanted to thank you and your team for the emotional hand holding you did as we problem solved and fretted over Haddie’s future with our family. It’s been less than a year that we’ve had her and she is unequivocally the best dog we’ve ever had. She plays hide and seek with our toddler – even waiting for her to hide and being told to go look – no one taught her – she just knows how to play. And she plays chase with both our kids – army crawling behind our infant as she crawls away giggling. But she’s also a saint and brings the kids their stuffed animals if they’re crying, and she talks back to me if I’m being impatient with them, and she comes to get me if I’m doing housework and someone wakes up from nap (we seriously haven’t had to use our baby monitor since we moved). And get this, SHE COMES WHEN SHE’S CALLED! Honestly, we never really trainer her, she just decided we were her pack and we’re so lucky she did. She is basically nana from Peter Pan but really majestic.