Luna – December 2021

Luna the Alaskan malamute rescue that was rescuing me.


My friend Luna Sleeps

She now sleeps the eternal sleep of this world.

Yet in my world, she lives on forever in my old broken heart.

I grieve deeply her passing too soon in her life, and mine.

She is now free of her bone cancer pain,

Yet I live on with the knowledge of that pain and much more without her.

Even with her pain and disability, she was always there for me.

She slept by my side through my good nights and bad.

For no longer will her cold nose and kisses wake me from my nightmare PTSD dreams.

No longer to be my Camp guardian on mountains treks,

Or beg for a belly rub at my feet, by high country campfire light.

Her Giant presents will be missed by our entire family,

Although none more than me.

She now sleeps pain free, in that golden light under rainbows bright,

I thank God for the special Gift he gave me,

And I,… I could not miss Luna my devoted friend more.