Oreo Yoyo – 10/13/2022

Today is Bust Out Day!

11 years ago, Oreo Yoyo and 160+ of her closest kin were saved from a Darwinian nightmare in Helena, MT. These dogs became known as the MT Mals and the overall effort was Operation Malamute. It was a nationwide effort to find every last dog* a loving home. Several came here to be placed by WAMAL: Oreo (Yoyo), McKinley, DJ Fuzzbutt McGillicuddy, Strider, Quinn, Sugar, Littlefoot, Spirit, Lola, and more whose names escape me at the moment.

It was a long process, but Miss Yo has blossomed into quite the adorable little monkey. She was 35 lbs when we brought her home and had the most tragic coat I’ve ever seen, it was dull and brittle and not quite what I would call fluffy. Every meal might be her last, so she ate it before anyone else had a chance to. I’m sure she remembers where she came from, if for no other reason than to understand why it will never be like that again.

I always wish for the day when rescues are shut down because there are no more irresponsible breeders and puppy mills. Until that day comes, WAMAL and our family of rescue groups will keep working to place every dog who needs us into homes like every one of yours.