Lukas – May 2023

I’m Lukas’ Mom. This is just meant as a tribute to my boy. We found Lukas through WAMAL. My step-daughter wanted a big dog to take on her walks to feel safe. I wanted a dog who would live longer than a Great Dane or Irish Wolfhound, so we compromised on a Malamute. I’d never had a dog in my life before. She & my husband had, but not a Mal.

We met Lukas in Richland, WA at his 2nd owner’s house. It still boggles my mind that we were this magical dog’s 3rd family! How could anyone give him up! But at the time all I could think was “we’re putting THAT in my Hyundai Sonata and driving back to the Eastside?!?!?” He was HUGE. 110 pounds and super tall. The answer is, yes, he did have gray wolf in his DNA that we did get tested later and that accounts for his huge height. I ended up in the hospital for an operation in those first 2 weeks and then spent all my time at home, alone, with Lukas while I recuperated. He was scared because we were new to him and I was just scared of dogs in general and his size made him truly intimidating. But he needed me and I needed him and we bonded. He took me from dog fearful to dog lover.

I call Lukas a generous dog. Generous with his love, his happiness, his enthusiasm, his time, his attention, and his joy. He could run like the wind and look beautiful doing it, he could curl himself up into a pork bun and snooze half the day, and he could dance, truly dance to bring a smile to your face when he was happy or seeing his friends — human or canine. Every barista knew him. One had a special mug for him that she would fill with whipped cream and top it off with dog treats. He stopped traffic. Everyone in town knew his name. And he was unaware of how popular he was. No ego. Just happiness to see you and always ready to lick your face and accept a treat.

My family will miss him more than I can ever express. Thank you, WAMAL, for bringing this magical dog into our lives. Loving Lukas has been one of the best experiences of my life and saying goodbye to him one of the hardest. Thank you to everyone who knew him and to everyone who has said something. It does help. I’m glad I could share him for 8 years and share a life with him.