Lucky – 02/20/24
Last year on 20 February I drove from Portland up to Puyallup to meet Lucky. I fell in love & brought her home that day. She has become a wonderful friend and companion. She is very friendly with other humans (well, maybe sometimes a little over friendly at first) and has made many human friends in the neighborhood. We have been training on our walks this year, with some good help and classes. And so, have made great improvements.
We had guests to stay with us over the Christmas holidays and she was quite thrilled with all the attention she received. She was disarmingly sweet and well behaved. Amazing. Of course lots of photos were taken & I have attached one.
I wanted to thank everyone at WAMAL who helped me in the adoption process and also the Online support during the first few weeks she was with me. She will be nine years old next month and I am hoping for many more years with her.