Rocky & Liberty – 12/24/2001

Season’s Greetings from Rocky and Liberty
We thought we would let you all know things are still going well with our Rocky and Liberty.  As you know the day after we brought Rocky home Jim had him out for a walk of several miles.  Everyday since the 3 of them, Jim, Rocky and Liberty put in 2 walks a day anywhere from 2-5 miles each walk. As a result Jim’s arms are now 6 feet long. So far Rocky is not showing any signs of discomfort or wanting to quit.  He is very eager to go all the time.  He appears to be a perfectly healthy fellow.  I have read some of the notes from the vet in Bellevue Animal Shelter and I am not sure why he felt Rocky had hip problems because he sure it not showing us any problems.  What you don’t know is they take their walks down on the Interurban trail her in Kent.  Soon after we got Rocky Jim felt the cab of his truck even though it has a little extension was to small for these giant mals so he modified it by taking out the passenger seat.  Now there is plenty of room for the three of them and none for me.  Oh well don’t say we don’t pamper our pets.
As you heard two weeks ago they did get into a fight in the middle of the night with Liberty getting a little bit of the short end.  She did have her vet appointment already scheduled that day so they looked over her wounds which were a few little puncture marks and we have been giving her antibiotics since then.  She is doing well and does not seem to be scared of Rocky in any way as a result.  Since we were asleep we are not sure what caused to fight but I thought it might be over a toy since Liberty had a stuffed animal and Rocky had been eyeing it.  So off to Value Village I went and got a bag full of stuffed animals.  Now we make sure there is always two toys out.  However the other day Rocky figured out how to carry both in his mouth at the same time.  Later Liberty walked by and without stopping grabbed the animal out of Rocky’s mouth and kept on going.  Smooth move that girl of mine has.
Liberty and Buddy used to play on the back deck, running back and forth having a great time.  She had tried to get Rocky to do the same but so far she had not had much luck.  I tried a few times and I get him going for a few seconds but that it.  Hopefully he will catch on to the running and wrestling thing because she likes it and it is fun to watch them play.
Rocky is a real love.  He looks so goofy with those floppy ears.  Does not look like the mals but he sure does have their sweet temper.  WAMALS website is correct they are not good watchdogs.  The other day the mailman brought me two packages and I thought this would be a problem since they were in the house.  Not at all those two lazy guys were laying on the living room floor with the front door open as if nothing was going on.  They could care less.  I guess if we do get robbed those two will probably show the thief where the good stuff in hidden.
Everyone enjoy the holidays