Micah – 11/21/2004

Dave – I was just in process of ordering a harness for Micah that we adopted through you last June and happened to pull up this old email. Thought I’d send you an update how well Micah is doing here.

His weight went from 63 pounds last June to 87 pounds. He is now healthy and energetic – acts like a puppy half the time. He’s doing great. His favorite spot is to sleep on our bed with his head on my wife’s pillow, whenever she is not at home. Humorously the dogs broke into our food cabinet last Friday and between then split about 10-12 pounds of dry food. Pretty funny – we went ahead and put food out for everyone that evening and everyone ate except for Micah – he just looked at his food bowl with this look on his face that said, “I don’t think I could eat another kibble…”

We also adopted a Siberian Husky from Adoptahusky in late summer. All 4 dogs are doing great – everyone goes on hikes, walks and jogs a lot. He has even been camping with us in August.