Cola – 11/28/2004

Bet your dying for an update. First things first, I have to break the news to you we changed Lola’s name to Cola. Sorry but everytime we look at her color and her bubbly energetic personality we think of a bottle of Coca Cola and Cola is close to Lola so she answered to it right away. I hope you like it. Cola is adapting well. Her and Dawson are getting along better and can be in close quarters with each other now. We still don’t leave them in the yard alone together unsupervised yet as they are still figuring each other out. Cola responds fairly well off leash in the pasture by our house(lots of good smells) and her and Dawson are fine with each other out there. On leash is another story. She is registered for an obedience class in January and I am thinking about doing Agility with her. She has so much energy and wants to please so badly that I think she’ll love running the course.

We have noticed that she is scared of small narrow spaces such as basement stairs and bathrooms. We have been working with her and she is now willing to go into the bathroom but not downstairs in the house. Outside is fine. As far as her touchiness around her back end- she is fine. I think trust is an issue with her. She is also fine if I hold her food bowl and she eats out of it, but if I am not holding the bowl and try and touch it while she is eating she definitely isn’t happy about it. But we’re working on that.

Cola is an awesome girl and is as cuddly as you said, which is good because Brenda and I give lots of hugs. Here are some pics of her in the yard and on one of our walks. I will also send in something to the Happy Trails probably next week.
This is my favorite.
Next update will be Happy Trails.