Bella – 11/20/2004

SugarNSpice, now known as Bella, is settling right into her new family.  Our first day home was interesting, as she ran around at a hundred miles an hour, checking out everything in sight.  She and Kuma, our 5 month-old Mal pup, are doing great together.  Bella is also doing really well with our cats.  She wants to check them out, but doesn’t show any intention to hurt or harm them.  They avoid her, simply because she moves so fast.  She has found that being inside the house is pretty neat!  I found her curled up in my recliner this morning.  I also had to go let the two clowns out of the kennel at 4 this morning….it was snowing and they were like 2 kids in a candy store.  They couldn’t wait to be turned loose in the yard!  We frequently catch Bella standing in the middle of the patio table….for what reason, we have no clue.

Bella loves to go for rides, as Vicki said!  She’s enjoyed going to the office with me when I have to work.  If someone listened to her when she is playing, and didn’t watch her body language, you would think she is the meanest dog in the world!  She has a vicious sounding growl but her lips aren’t curled, her tail is wagging, and her ears are up.  Is this just an way of playing?  Is it a sign of under-socialization?  Her body language says play, but that growl sounds like it should come out of a dog 3 times her size.  If any of you have experiences with that, I’d love to hear them.

So far it looks like everything is working out just fine.  Bella is such a truly sweet dog, and she is a having a lot of fun with Kuma.