Chobi – 02/07/2005

I know that it has been over my two-week trial period, and I wanted to say that….Chobi (aka: Ty is the best dog ever. really. Ever, in the history of the world…. and you can never have him back. 🙂

Anyway, i really wanted to thank everyone that came out to centennial and helped me with my choice. Chobi (choe-bee) seems pretty happy here in the Tri-Cities. He has two good friends next door that he is always eager to play with. He is always quiet, unless he believes he’s going to go on a run. He has a new doghouse that he never uses, but he is not keen on escaping or digging either – so everybody is happy. He seems to know most commands already and has even come with shaking hands and catching biscuits installed. 🙂

I ended up going went with a different name since he had only been named Ty for a week. I mulled over a few other names, including Tyger, but went with Chobi (Bengali for Photograph) in the end.