Joshua – 02/09/2005

That is funny you emailed me, I was thinking about emailing everyone. Joshua is doing great. Had a few small issues at first; He ripped down my molding to my door and he likes to sneak off with food from the pantry, but that is so minor 🙂 Otherwise, all is great. I did take him to the groomer at the kennel and he freaked out! But I sat with him and he was a little calmer. Boy, he looks so handsome!!! He has been digging at himself to where he has patches of skin showing. Is this normal? He seems to leave our cat alone. He is interested at first when Zazu comes around, but never approaches him. We walk a lot and play all the time. He enjoys car rides and has done real well when other dogs are around. I did notice that he seems very protective of us. If he feels any one of us are in danger, he howls and barks. My son tells me everyday how much he loves his new puppy! I think it was well worth the wait to find Josh, he is truly a perfect fit for our family. Thank You!!! 🙂