Sierra – 02/11/2005

I can’t believe in June it will be two years since I picked Sierra up in Maple Valley.  She is such a joy in my life, and I just adore her.

She is doing great, and I thought I would just send some updated photos to WAMAL to let you folks know that she’s doing very well.  The two emails I’m sending are a little outdated in text, but the pictures of Sierra (or “boo-boo” when she’s being extra cute) are great.  The one attached to this email I find particularly funny.  The picture was taken at her doggy daycare for the fourth of July, and the photographer laughingly said that Sierra loved the camera, and having all eyes on her.  She really hammed it up!

The other email I’ll send has pictures of me, my boyfriend, Erik, and his Siberian named Kobi.  It took some adjustment (Kobi is 8, and has been an only dog all his life), but things are fine with both of them.  At home, they just act like the other isn’t there, but at the dog park they seem to “rediscover” one another, and have a wonderful time playing tag together.

I think WAMAL is a great organization, and it inspires me to someday want to have more resources so that I can adopt another mal., or even foster.