Missy – 02/24/2005

Sorry it’s been so long since I gave you an update but we’ve been busy here getting an abandoned dog into rescue. Cola is doing great. She no longer snaps at us at all and only gives us warning looks once in a while. Her obedience classes are going really well also and we are going to put her and Dawson in Agility at the end of Mar. We have started using a gentle leaded when we walk her and she no longer pulls. She’s not crazy about the leader collar but she has only used it one day. It’s kinda like a puppy with and a first time collar- they fight it but as soon as something is more interesting they don’t remember they are wearing it. How’s Scout and his new friend. I bet he was happy to have a new buddy. Hopefully they get along as well as he did with Cola. They were pretty good together. Here are some pics of her-enjoy!