Boots – 02/26/2005

I just thought I’d let you know we have all survived our 1st 24 hours.  Last night was like having a new baby.  Boots woke me up at least 3 times to check on me??  Around 2 am the heat come on for the 1st time and I could hear him going from room to room checking all of the heat vents.  Then in the morning here was a stuffed bear face down in the middle of the bedroom where he had been sleeping.  The last I knew, that bear was in my office.  That was kinda cute.

He is leery of the llamas and they feel the same about him, so I wouldn’t trust them together without someone being present.  He’ll just have to stay in the dog run for a few hours each day when we’re gone.   So far he has been running free with the front gate shut and has not made any attempt to get in with the llamas.  He’s more concerned about where Dave & I are at all times.  He seems a bit insecure, and with good reason I would think. He is pooping cowpies today, which is either the cat food or nerves, so I got him Science Diet for Adults (dry), and was wondering what you feed your dogs.

So that’s the update.  I’ll keep you informed.