Shyla – 03/16/2005

Shyla is doing great and she is starting to fit right in. “Boy, she as energy to BURN” :-), but our puppy is taken care of that. I think that they played for 32 hours straight before they went to bed. So far so as been really listening to me and my wife, and we are working with her. Carole took 45 min. out working with her in the front yard with out Tacaani around, it going to take a little time but I think she will come along great. Hey my wife and I have noticed some thing about her, it seems that her hearing is not very good?? or she is just hard headed?? it seems that when we call her she does turn to us until we get louder with her name. We are going to take her too our vet. so he can check her, but don’t worry if she is its some thing that we have to live with. She is doing good with the cats, just got to remind her “no cats” but she is a fast learner. Well for now I will let you go. again Thanks a lot for her