Shyla – 03/18/2005

Hey ladies, My wife and I want to known what we have to do to keep this little puppy forever? We think she will turn out great with a little work on her. We took her to our Vet on 17th and every thing looks really good for her, we did get a Rabies because of the squirrels that live around us. She is really pickings up from us, we all most have it where she will not jump up at this point. She get ahead of her self and then she will jump up to kiss us and to greets us, but then we will tell her no jumper and point to the floor and then she will sit. She is OK with the cats, our cats have been staying away from her, the first 2 day she would try and take off and try to chase them and we would tell her “No cats” and last night 1 of the cats came in and she went to get up and I pointed my finger to the ground and she just lie right back down. I think she is getting use to them?? Only time will tell and we are wanting to put that time in to her. she been though to much all ready and she need to have a home!
Let us known what we need to do?
Thank You