Cheyenne – 03/22/2005

We wanted to let you know that Cheyenne has been a great girl.  She has gotten along with Sitka (our male Siberian Husky) perfect. They love to play, and she has been very sweet with him.  She keeps him in line without being over aggressive.  She acts as though she has known us for awhile.  Her and Sitka enjoy sleeping on the bed with us…that doesn’t leave much room for Li and I :-).  The cats are used to dogs and go about their business as usual.  Cheyenne definitely has a high prey drive…she loves to search/dig for gophers, etc…and stares at our cats and ferret.  They don’t mind and have done everything except climb on her.  Even though she has been fairly good with the cats, we know not to trust her yet.  We have been taking the dogs to “Chimney Park” and Cheyenne has gotten along with everybody (dogs, kids, etc…), we have even met Donna and her pack a couple of times.  Cheyenne, Sitka, and Teton got along great with each other.  We look forward to more interactions.  We were also brave enough to take Cheyenne and Sitka rollerblading.  Needless to say we had a lot of laughs, and were careful.