Sampson – 03/25/2005

The adopters came to Centennial this morning with their dogs to meet Sampson. When Jane called this morning she said “this is Sampson’s new mom” so they were committed to taking him home sight unseen!

We introduced one dog at a time and Sampson seemed to get along with their dominant dog just fine.  Sampson did get a bit snarly with the other dog – both of their dogs are males.  After initial meetings and walking around and smelling each other we took them to one of the enclosed areas.  Sampson was still on leash but the other dogs were off leash.  They pretty much just ignored Sampson as they were only interested in all the smells in there.  I think I was a distraction to Sampson as he seemed to want to be by me.  I left to go to the office to get an adoption agreement and was gone for a few minutes.  When I returned the Bedell’s said Sampson did much better when I wasn’t there!  He is just so possessive and jealous when anyone else gets attention.  They seem to think that all will go fine when they get him home. Unfortunately, they were in such a hurry to leave the house this morning that they forgot to get the divider thing that separates the back end of the vehicle from the back seat.  So when they left Mr. Bedell was in the back passenger seat with Sampson to referee any doggy disagreements that may arise.  It was very bitter-sweet for me to see him ride off with them!  I know he deserves to be in a good home and I am very happy for him but I had become very attached to the old boy.