Sampson – 03/26/2005

My new Mom said that I had to write an email to let you know how I’m doing and to reassure you that I’m okay.
Yesterday, when I climbed into my new family’s car, I tried to settle in the middle of the back seat. My new Dad crawled in after me and tried to push me over to make more room. I grumbled, a lot, because I didn’t want to move. Once we were all in and on the road, I laid across Dad’s lap. Then he grumbled, a lot. He said something about my using the WHOLE seat and not just his half. I grumbled back and he let me stay where I was, on his half of the seat, with him.
I was really scared when we drove away from the kennel and I grumbled some more. But my Dad hugged me close and protected me from the other dogs. My heart hurt so much. I think my Mom was right, a quick break was best.
It was a really long trip, so I know that I am far away from you all. When we reached my new home in Portland, Mom and Dad put Mauja and Siku (my new brothers) into the house and then took me to the pet store. It was fun to smell all the new smells, have lots of people smile at me, and intimidate a little white Shih Tzu and a baby Daschund. They bought me a new collar, a lead, water and food bowls, a muzzle, and best of all – a name tag of my very own. It says Sam Bedell on it. Cool huh?
When we got back home, Dad put the muzzle on me. I didn’t mind much since Mom explained that it was only temporary, just until I got used to my brothers. She said that biting them would be a bad thing and since I was so scared, wearing it was best. Do moms always know what’s best? I think maybe so. Anyhow, I spent the evening getting acquainted with my brothers and checking out the new house. I learned real quickly that Mom hates it when I pee on her roses. Won’t do that again! After supper, we watched TV and Dad sat with me and brushed out some of my tangles. Oh! It felt so good to be brushed. Mom keeps saying something about a bath, not sure I’m going to like that much, but so far she says, “in a week or so.” How long is a week?
Anyhow, I’ll worry about that one later.
I spent the night on a blanket in my Mom and Dad’s room. Mom said that I must have been really tired because I was quiet all night. Except for that one time at 4AM when I put my face in her face. I was just checking to see if she was still there. She petted my nose and cuddled me for a minute and then I went right back to sleep.
In the morning we went outside. I still can’t figure out where they want me to pee. Mom keeps saying, “Pee on the rocks,” but I want to go on the plants. However, when I do pee on the rock pathways, she praises me, so maybe I’ll think about doing that next time.
This morning I ate my breakfast and spent a lot of time grumbling at my brothers. Mom and Dad said it was okay to grumble, but not growl. When I really growled and snapped at Siku, Dad rolled me over and laid on top of me. Guess I’ll try to remember to only grumble from now on. Mauja is an okay dog, I can get used to him. Siku may take a bit more time. He wants to play and I don’t. He’ll eventually learn.
Everyone around here calls me a grumpy old bear, is that a good thing? Must be, because they cuddle me right after they say it.
I think I’m going to like it here. It’s only my second day, but somehow I don’t know, I just have this feeling. And Mom and Dad keep saying that this is my forever home. Maybe I’ll relax and trust them. Maybe.
Well, I’ve rambled on long enough. Mom typed this message for me since we quickly realized that my paws are too big for the keyboard.
I’m tired now and it’s time for a nap. I’ll write again soon.
Love to you all—
Sampson, a.k.a. Sam Bedell

Hi Sam!  It is so good to hear from you and learn about your new home.  I know you were apprehensive when you climbed up into that strange car but you did it willingly so I knew you were going to be OK.  I remember how you like to curl up on one side of the car seat even though you have the whole seat to stretch out on, as you did that many a time in my car!
I bet that trip to the pet store was a lot of fun.  Even humans are in awe of you – you are such an imposing figure.  I can only imagine what the Shih Tsu and Dachshund thought!
Your new family sounds like just what the Dr. ordered!  Sam, you don’t need to worry about being shuttled around anymore – your new mom and dad really love you and are committed to giving you your forever home.  You are going to love having mom around all day to give you pets and hugs when you need them.  Please try real hard to get along with your new brothers – it will make life a lot easier and will make your mom and dad really happy.
You have a wonderful adventure ahead of you Sam.  I’m sure gonna miss you, but I’m very happy that you have a new home.  I won’t ever forget you, big boy!
Love, Mary