Khira – 04/25/2005

We wanted to update you on our girl Khira. She has settled into her new home amazingly fast! She is all diva here in her new home. She has a new purple set of leashes and harnesses, her microchip has been registered to us, she has her own crate to sleep in (not crazy about that but for a treat…) she is on a little diet and some regular exercise which she needed badly. Khira is very loving to the our girls and wants to be pet all the time. Our first mal Rocky is adjusting to having a sister/friend that does not go home. He has been very protective of his mooching spot in the kitchen, of his kids that pet him, of his daddy that always takes him on a walk, of his mommy that gives him belly rubs…you get the drift. However he is doing very well. I would say that we are her forever home for sure!!!!

We have been so inspired by this organization that we want to volunteer, so we are getting our applications to you all. Who knows, we may want another malpal in the future!

We love our mals just like our kids!