Rider – 04/28/2005

We selected Rider (our 90-lb malamute) since he played so well with Hans (our 70-lb Siberian Husky) at Malamute Rescue Shelter.  We have been the proud owners of Rider for 5 months now. Hans is high-energy and plays all the time and needed another dog that could handle that level of playing.  Rider was the perfect fit for him. They enjoy playing together in the house or in the backyard.  When they are done playing, they like to curl up next each other. They are very sweet to one another and give each other kisses all the time.  It is so cute to see them both like this. Hans loves having Rider as a brother. Rider is such a happy, cheerful, friendly dog and loves everybody. We feel so fortunate to have him and can’t imagine our lives without him. He is sweet, very well mannered and gentle.  It seems that someone spent a lot of time training him since he knows a lot of commands. Very smart, a good listener and learns very fast. Rider does not dig or chew on things which is a nice touch. He loves to cuddle with us too.  He let’s us know if he needs more attention, by putting a paw on our arm.  We take Rider and Hans every morning on a walk around our neighborhood and they say hi to other dogs and people. On the weekends, we go on longer walks in the park or around Green Lake. This is one of Rider’s favorite things to do. He wags his tail and does the WOOOO enjoying every minute of it. We take both the dogs over to my sister’s house for dinner once a week.  Rider is very gentle and sweet around her kids. He loves the attention.  Pete and I go to the Wamal website at least twice a week to check the dogs.  If I had more room, I would definitely adopt another one from Wamal. I am just thankful that Wamal exists and that they are able to take in these wonderful dogs and are able to place them in loving homes.