Molly – 05/13/2005

Sorry to be replying so late. Things are going pretty well with Princess. We are still working on getting her to ignore the cats and she is a runner. Off the lead and she is gone like the wind. Inside she has been very good with only a couple of accidents. She sleeps beside the bed next to me, the male (Scooby) is on the other side next to my wife. We are nearly complete with a � to � acre fenced area for them to have the run of the back property. Currently they are in a 30 x 60 pen while we are away. She is a great playmate for the male although she is into the dominance game with him. He tolerates this for some time and then will assert himself. HE outweighs her by 40 pounds but she is back for more at the drop of a hat. There is no quit in that girl.

All and all things are working out extremely well and we are pleased.