Ludo – 01/15/2020

Ludo (formerly Vikas) is an amazing,  goofy and incredibly loving soul. He is everywhere you go, just to be in the presence of his humans is pure joy for him (and us). After bringing him home, there were a few kinks (house training, jumping, and counter surfing) but we’ve got those things all worked out, with the occasional jump/hug every now and then to show love or excitement,  but they are far more gentle. He loves exercise, and we were finding that even walking 5 miles a day sometimes wasn’t doing the trick, so we found a dog camp he runs 2 days a week with his “pack” there, and it seems to do the trick.
As for the news, after watching the movie Togo (Ludo was paying rapt attention) we were shocked at his resemblance to both the dog in the film and the historical photos of the Seppula Huskies, we decided to do a DNA test. The results came in this morning, and are really interesting.
50% Alaskan Husky
25% Alaskan Malamute
12.5% German Shepherd
12.5% Rottweiler!!!
His 25% Mal definitely comes out in his personality,  and we thank you for posting the story about the dog DNA test, who would have known you could do such a thing??
We appreciate every thing you have done to bring Ludo into our lives, and to help so many others like him.