Lucy – 03/15/2020

She came to live with me 9 weeks ago. In that short time she quickly got use to her new name, has learned new commands and tricks, walks well on a leash (now) and seems to be happy.  She still counter surfs (but not as much), is still reactive to squirrels, bunnies, chipmunks and small dogs (but is improving), and has figured out that birds are just too fast for her.  Her ‘job’ is keeping critters out of her backyard.  She walks the fence line everyday, chases squirrels and even alerted me to 2 raccoons in a tree. Socializing with other dogs took some time, but within the last week or two, we’ve turned a corner. She’s actually made some (medium or large) doggo friends!  She is definitely silly and because of that there’s a lot more laughter in my world!!  I know I’m happier with her in my life!