Troy – 03/12/2020

Thank you WAMAL for all your support through this long foster! I am SO grateful to be a part of such a wonderful and caring rescue organization.
Troy: “Foot Soldier”
He’s our foot soldier now! A great protector and loyal friend and a wonderful buddy to Kuma and Meeko.
Details of his story:
Date of birth 01/15/2015
Abandoned at shelter 01/12/17. Tied to a sign-post, NO WATER and MUZZLED!
WAMAL contacted me (Thank you Jaime Lemke Perez) and asked if I would be able to foster a dog that was scheduled to be euthanized due to aggressiveness and a bite history (due to his intense fear and inexperienced handlers).
So, the day I met Troy: The Shelter Coordinator transported Troy to me and I sat down in the quiet parking lot as Troy lunged at me. No barking. As I sat there quiet and hands on lap, Troy came up to me, licked my ears, crawled into my lap, and the rest is history.
After 19 months of fostering this scared and fearful LOYAL “Foot Soldier” called Troy–many adoption applications turned down because people like how cute he is but learn of his troubled past and don’t want to give him a chance–is now forever part of our pack.
Troy: 70lbs of love and loyalty, Meeko: 50lbs and 3 legs, and Kuma: 140lbs of pure 4 paw power who loves to sleep.