Chili – 05/20/2020

After recently losing our big fluffy husky, we knew we needed a new fluff ball to fill the house. After hearing what a calm, sweet, goofy boy Chili was, we knew he fit the bill!
In the week prior to meeting Chili, his foster mom and I had about 50 email exchanges—she shared everything she knew about the pup and gave us so many tips to have a successful transition home! When we finally got to meet in person, Chili happily laid in front of us and enjoyed some of his favorite belly rubs. We were in love!

Since arriving home we have encountered challenges we weren’t quite familiar with—primarily resource guarding and guarding of areas of the house. These behavioral issues were fairly stressful at first, however we have received so much support from WAMAL and other trainers that we now feel comfortable working through the problems.

Chili’s big smile and friendly personality makes him the talk of anywhere we go. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “I can’t believe he’s a rescue!” This goober is truly one of the sweetest, cutest, and one of the hungriest boys I’ve ever met.

Despite giving us a little run for our money at times, we could not be happier with Chili joining our family!