Kanoosh – 06/07/2020

Hi my name is Bobby and I wanted to share a story with WAMAL.  This big boy is Kanoosh.  He was left tied to a trailhead in Snohomish County and he made his way to WAMAL.  My Dad and I adopted this 18-month-old crazy dog in 2013.  He was so awesome!  He howled all the time…..he is a talker. My Dad and him were inseparable.  They were best of friends living in Ocean Shores, WA.  My Dad passed away in 2016 and my wife actually saw tears in Noosh’s eyes.  We were at a loss because Noosh was staying in this family no matter what, but our snag was that I had a male Malamute named Dakota as well and we all knew that was going to be a problem. My Mom said she would take Noosh. We ended up having to fly him to Indiana where he is now getting the love.  My oldest brother has been Noosh’s best friend—they go everywhere together. He takes almost better care of him than my Dad if that were even possible!
I just wanted to share an amazing story how 1 dog has changed so many lives.  He is very much still alive and he is living the most unbelievable life ever.  Thank you for the awesome work WAMAL does…Mals are amazing!!